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August 9, 2008



After working in the radio and television industries throughout the ’90s and 2000s there is one thing I’ve learned from first hand experience. The people in radio and television management are the worst scum and filth in American business. There are no more vile, evil, stupid and corrupt individuals on the face of the earth than the people who run radio stations. Except the people who run television.

Here’s the latest example of wanton greed and avarice from the world of local television. Tv station WBBM in Chicago has recently undergone a series of drastic cutbacks. While these “draconian” cutbacks and layoffs were in full effect at WBBM, the station’s general manager, Joe Ahern, managed to find the funds to install a marble shower in the private bathroom of his new office. He also spent $5,000 on ONE LUNCH that he billed to the station. 

Ahern’s disgusting, selfish behavior came to light in a column by Chicago Sun-Times writer Robert Feder. If you want further proof of how stupid and evil WBBM management is check out their new logo (pictured below.) In a time of falling revenues and serious cutbacks the station authorized hundreds of thousands of dollars to be spent on coming up with a new station logo. The result is probably the most cluttered, incomprehensible and worthless logo ever unleashed on an uncaring public.

Media moguls are very big on rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. A tv station changing its logo in an effort to improve falling ratings is akin to the radio station with horrible ratings that orders all new liners. They will spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to “re-image” the station.

This story also reminds me of a tv station I used to work for. The station had a wage and hiring freeze on its employees. They also refused to upgrade the news department’s electronic equipment. Yet, the tv station gave $50,000 to a consultant to change the name of the nightly news from “News 2” to “Action 2 News.” The station remained in last place in the ratings after spending the $50,000.