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March 17, 2008


Today’s New York Times has awesome news from Sports Illustrated:

Starting THIS Thursday the magazine will introduce The Vault, a free site within that contains all the words Sports Illustrated has ever published and many of the images, along with video and other material, in a searchable database.

For free.


SI may not be able to compete with contemporary media organizations, but THEY OWN THE PAST, baby!

According to the New York Times:

Sports Illustrated, which faces fierce daily, even hourly, competition with ESPN, Yahoo! Sports and others, has something its main rivals do not: a 53-year trove of articles and photos, most of it from an era when the magazine dominated the field of long-form sports writing and color sports photography.

Update: I’ve been playing around with the SI site, and some of this stuff is pretty cool. Did you know you can call up any cover in the history of the magazine?

sibird.jpg  sievel.jpg   sityson2.jpg  siray.jpg



Playing with these magazine covers is fun and addicting. But where does it end?