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July 5, 2008

Real-life mugshot of New York man arrested for selling drugs.


March 25, 2008

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Frank Sinatra

This 1938 mug shot of Sinatra was taken by New Jersey officials who arrested the crooner for fooling around with a married woman. The charges were eventually changed to adultery and later dropped.


Larry King

In 1971 talk show host, Larry King, a noted degenerate gambler in Miami at the time, was arrested after failing to pay back money he owed. King was originally charged with Grand Larceny. He later pled guilty to bad check charges. King owed money to so many people, at the time, that a Miami radio station once printed bumper stickers that said, “Honk if Larry King Owes You Money.”

This didn’t stop NBC from eventually hiring King to pick football games on their network NFL pregame show. King’s Wikipedia bio certainly makes for fascinating reading. One other interesting Larry King tidbit: Page Six of the New York Post once had an item that Larry King likes to dress up like an Indian Chief during sex. That might explain the seven  marriages. It doesn’t explain the fact that the current Mrs. King is a Mormon.


Don King

Boxing promoter, Don King was once a notorious criminal in Cleveland in the 1950’s. In 1966 King was charged with manslaughter after beating a man named Sam Garrett to death. King pistol whipped Garrett and jumped up and down on his chest until he was dead because he owed King $30. King was eventually convicted of second degree murder but served only 3 and 1/2 years in prison for the crime.

I don’t know what’s more unbelievable: that Don King beat a guy to death with his bare hands or he once had normal hair.

A partial list of Don King’s criminal run-ins includes:

  • In 1954, while running a gambling house, Don King killed Hillary Brown in what was later ruled self defense.
  • In 1955, for arson.
  • In 1959, under suspicion of being a possible drug dealer.
  • In 1963, arrested for carrying a concealed weapon.
  • Between 1951 and 1965; 15 traffic violations.
  • mugnoltemug.jpg

    Nick Nolte

    Still the all-time gold standard in celebrity mug shots. This 2002 photo of Nick Nolte was taken by the California Highway Patrol following a DUI arrest.