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March 13, 2008


Sports Business Daily has an item about former White House Press Secretary, Ari Fleischer, teaming up with IMG to form “Ari Fleischer Sports Communication.”

In announcing the formation of his new company, Fleischer notes he was a consultant to MLB. He helped prep their commissioner, Bud Selig, on his testimony to Congress and his press conference following the release of the Mitchell Report. 


Hey, he’s the media expert, but is that something you really want to brag about?

 Fleischer is also willing to lobby for athletes. Particularly, those wanting to re-build their images following disclosure of their steroid use.


Fleischer whined that the media can be tough on athletes as well as politicians,

 “The media that covers sports is very much now like the media that covers the president: very assertive, very powerful and very focused on what’s wrong and what’s negative.”

So Ari Fleischer has gone from defending this guy:


To this guy:


I ask you, is this biggest fall from grace in political history?

Or, pretty much a lateral move.