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April 30, 2008










April 30, 2008

Got milk?


April 30, 2008



Oh my God!

The International press is being flooded today with  stories about the transvestite that soccer star Ronaldo was caught in a motel with. The above youtube video was taken from Brazilian television. I’m not up on my Portugese but words like “scandalo” and “travesti” probably aren’t good for Ronaldo.

There are also reports that Ronaldo’s girlfriend has dumped him over the incident and several sponsors are considering doing likewise.

The guy should probably be punished just for having such bad taste in “women.” One of the transvestites has gone public and dude definitely DOES NOT look like a lady:

Jesus Christ ! That is one ugly tranny!

According to the AP,

Ronaldo went into hiding Tuesday after a run-in with cross-dressing prostitutes that prompted police to investigate whether to charge one with trying to extort money from the soccer star.


Meanwhile soccer’s OTHER Ronaldo (Christiano Ronaldo of Portugal) prays he’s not confused with his Brazilian counterpart:

This might slow down his epic escapades with prostitutes.

Although the Brazilian Ronaldo’s frolicking with ho’s and trannies hasn’t stopped his country from building STATUES of him:


April 30, 2008



Why do you think they call it dope?

Dallas Mavericks forward Josh Howard’s revelations about marijuana use and his partying ways are being blamed for his team’s ouster from the NBA playoffs.

The Mavericks were eliminated by the New Orleans Hornets last night. They lost the series four games to one with a 99-94 defeat in New Orleans.

Howard’s play was a major reason for the loss. He scored just 12.6 points per game in the Hornets series after averaging 19.9 during the regular season. Worse, he shot just 29.2 percent from the field and his admission of marijuana use in a Dallas radio interview was a MAJOR distraction for the team. Howard was booed mercilessly AT HOME Sunday after shooting just 3/16.

Howard also incurred the wrath of his coach. Mavericks coach Avery Johnson may be taking the fall for Dallas’ ouster. There are plenty of rumors about his imminent firing. He was already in disfavor with Mavericks owner Mark Cuban.

According to today’s Dallas Morning News, Johnson was so angry at Howard that he called off practice Monday. Johnson was reportedly mad because he had issued a strict “no partying” edict to his team for the playoffs. Despite this, Howard was handing out fliers in the Mavericks locker room inviting his teammates to attend his 28th birthday party at a Dallas club. According to the paper,

Johnson confronted his team about the party Monday – the source said only a few of the players attended – and canceled practice, prompting the players to practice on their own without the supervision of the coaching staff.

The Mavericks then lost to New Orleans last night, ending their season. This makes Howard easy fodder for local talk radio and columnists.

Howard’s own teammates were none too happy about the situation. Without mentioning Howard by name, Mavericks forward Dirk Nowitzki (last year’s scapegoat for Dallas’ first round elimination) threw him under the bus following last night’s loss,

Obviously, there were some very disappointing things that happened here in the playoffs with everything. It was bad timing…In the playoffs, it’s time to just concentrate about basketball, focus on it and not let any distractions come up.”

Rumors are already circulating that the Mavericks are looking to unload Howard before next season.


April 30, 2008

Once again, Spy Magazine was right. Of course, when they did this story over a decade ago IT WAS A PARODY.

The first media organization to run with the long rumored “Hillary-is-a-Dyke” story is The Enquirer. Well hey, if it’s in The Enquirer IT MUST BE TRUE!

There have been rumors and whispers in the blogosphere for quite awhile that personal assistants don’t get much more “personal” than Hillary’s girl, Huma Abedin.

Never heard of her? Well here she is:

What is The Enquirer’s proof for such an amazing allegation about a presidential candidate? Well actually, they don’t have any. The publication simply says there are “reports” that Hillary is a lesbian. The Enquirer talks of “gay romps” between Hillary and “the sexy brunete” Abedin.

Oh, wait…

SEE ! A picture of Abedin walking behind Hillary Clinton and Ellen. That has to mean SOMETHING, right?

And it turns out Abedin’s parents are both Muslims. Wow! talk about your vast Right Wing conspiracies.

It seems Barack Obama’s Reverend Wright problems weren’t so bad after all.

And if you don’t think legitimate media will follow up on this, here’s today’s Times of London:

Just in time for Hillary’s appearance with Bill O’Reilly tonight.


April 30, 2008


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April 30, 2008



The website broke a couple of stories this week. They were the first to report that Travis Lutter, the winner of Season 4 of The Ultimate Fighter, has been dropped by UFC. Lutter recently suffered a second-round TKO to Rich Franklin at UFC 83.


The website is also reporting that fighter Michael Bisping has “saved” UFC 85 in by agreeing to replace Chuck Liddell as a headliner on the June card in London. That may be overstating things a bit, but it’s an unbelievably quick turnaround for Bisping who just fought April 19th on the UFC card in Montreal.


April 30, 2008

According to today’s LA Times, Hustler publisher and porn tycoon, Larry Flynt, “was negotiating” to buy off-strip Las Vegas casino, Ellis Island. Thank God the deal didn’t go through!

The Times described Ellis Island as “tiny.” I’d describe it as a dump. However, I mean that with true affection-having spent many a night there. Ellis Island is the last bargain rate casino even near the Vegas strip. It’s off the intersection of Flamingo and Koval near the Strip (right by the intersection where Tupac was shot in 1996.) 

You can still get a $3.99 steak dinner or a 99 cent breakfast at Ellis Island. Drinks and beers are still $1 there. I don’t think Ellis Island has raised their prices in 15 years.

I despise karaoke, but Ellis island is the ALL-TIME hot spot for Las Vegas HOT DRUNK CHICK KARAOKE. The last time I was there I had three drunk strippers with me (a blonde, a Russian, and a biker chick all to myself) to karaoke. Good times! I don’t suggest karaoke as a form of entertainment, but Ellis Island is definitely the place to go if you have to karaoke.

If Larry Flynt would have taken over Ellis Island it would have been a disaster. It would have turned one of the last remaining non-mega casinos in Vegas and turned it into a porn palace. There’s sleaze and then there’s SLEAZE.

When it comes to sleazy, I’ll take Ellis Island the way it is now.


April 29, 2008

Will Robinson may have been the greatest basketball mind you never heard of.

He was one of those rare people whose life transcended the game. Robinson was a true American pioneer in race and civil rights.

Robinson died this week. He was 96. Robinson was the first African American Division 1 college basketball coach in history. He is most famous for coaching Doug Collins at Illinois State. He had a 78-51 record there without ever having a losing season. He also developed Collins, who starred on the US Olympic team and was drafted by Philadelphia with the No. 1 overall pick in 1973.

Collins was still close to Robinson and was deeply saddened by his passing,

“I’m incredibly sad that I lost a guy that I loved as much as anybody in the world,” Collins said. “He taught me the essence of life that has served me well from the age of 18 to 56 because he was more of a life coach than a basketball coach.”

Following his college coaching career, Robinson was one of the greatest scouts and talent evaluators in NBA history. He worked as a Detroit Pistons scout starting in 1976 and continued with them for 28 years through the 2000’s.

Robinson was BRILLIANT as a talent evaluator. He single-handedly discovered superstars Joe Dumars and Dennis Rodman while they were playing for tiny, obscure colleges.

Robinson also turned down the opportunity to be an NBA Championship coach. Chuck Daley was named Pistons coach only after Robinson turned the job down. Robinson said of his decision to turn down the Pistons,

“I know I could have won championships with those teams. But after coaching for as long as I had, I found it a relief to not be coaching.”

As a youngster, Robinson quarterbacked the Steubenville (Ohio) High football team and finished second in the state high school golf tournament despite not being allowed to play the course at the same time as whites. He won 15 letters in four sports at West Virginia State College before graduating in 1937.

Unfortunately, Robinson’s last major decision for the Pistons was one of the worst in sports history. It was on his advice that the Pistons selected European bust Darko Milicic over superstars like Carmelo Anthony, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh.

Inexplicably, Robinson actually compared Darko favorably to WILT CHAMBERLAIN before the 2003 NBA draft. Robinson famously said there were things Milicic could do on a court that Chamberlain couldn’t and actually predicted he would be a better player than Wilt. He also said,

“Darko reminds me of a young Wilt Chamberlain. Wilt used to do a little of everything, and I haven’t seen a big man with so much skill since Wilt.”

He also made this quote about Milicic:

“He’s going to own the game. Own the game. We’re going to have to build a new arena. The only thing that could destroy a kid like that is a woman.”
Will Robinson talking about Darko Milicic after seeing him work-out in Detroit, May 30, 2003,



April 29, 2008

An Ohio woman is claiming an image of Jesus appeared in her ultra sound pictures.