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April 19, 2008


An arrest has been made in the Las Vegas strip club shooting that happened during NBA All Star Weekend in in 2007. That shooting left Minxx strip club bouncer, Tom Urbansi, paralyzed. The shooting followed a melee in the club-a brawl allegedly started by controvesial Tennesse Titans cornerback Pacman Jones.

Las Vegas police have charged a Washington man, Arvin Kenti Edwards, with Urbanski’s shooting. Edwards was in jail in Yakima, Washington on unrelated charges. Edwards has been charged with multiple counts of attempted murder and battery with substantial bodily harm.

Jones was originally charged with multiple felonies in the incident. He pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct charges. Jones’ body guard and a female friend also accepted plea deals in the case.

There is already media speculation that information provided by Pacman Jones may have led to the arrest. An ESPN article quotes Jones’ lawyer,

“Adam continues to cooperate with the Las Vegas police department,” said Las Vegas-based lawyer Robert Langford. “He is happy that whatever assistance he provided was helpful in making the arrest of the shooter.”

Minxx owner Robert Susnar said he was happy to hear of the arrest and expected his employees would be able to help investigators,

“We had plenty of people who got a clear look at the guy. I’m confident that if, in fact, that person they have in custody was the shooter, he will be identified by our employees,”

Jones is currently serving a suspension by the NFL. He is expected to file for league reinstatement and is rumored to be going to the Dallas Cowboys in a trade.

Jones has been involved in at least 10 incidents where he was either arrested or interviewed by police since Tennessee selected him sixth overall in the 2005 NFL Draft.