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July 4, 2008

1. Drunk Girl

2. Fat Monkey

3. Amy Winehouse (tie) – the trainwreck singer gets hammered, ruins her face with meth use, does shots holding a baby, wears a diaper and walks into a pole. All this and we’re only barely into July.

4. Daisy De la Hoya bursts onto the scene

5. Miley Cyrus Vanity Fair shoot-art or kiddie porn?

6. Mini-Me sex tape

7. Actor Charlton Heston dies, leaves this gun room

8. Formula One head makes Nazi bondage sex tape

9. Picture of Kentucky Derby winner Big Brown being injected with steroids

10. A drunken Pam Anderson lets her ex-husband, Tommy Lee, fondle her in public

11. Kim Couture takes a beating

12. Photos revealed of Nevada governor Jim Gibbons posing for racist hip hop “parody” on same cruise where he took bribes

13. Kathie Lee Gifford and her perky nipples make a return to the airwaves

14. Keith Olbermann’s 24-year-old girlfriend sleeps her way into New York anchor job

15. Kim Kardashian’s ass – always a BIG story

16. Halle Berry’s baby boobies

17. ANYTHING with British topless model Keeley Hazell

18. Patrick Roy’s kid gets his face beat in during hockey fight

19. Amos N’ Downey? Robert Downey Jr. plays a black man in upcoming movie

20. Although it actually happened in 2007, the photos of ESPN’s Dana Jacobson boozing at the Mike and Mike roast were released in January 2008

21. Sure he’s a felon degenerate gambler who beats his kids and cheats on his wife, but at least former NBA ref Tim Donaghy’s dog likes him

22. The future leader of the free world can’t bowl

23. Gas Prices


24. Soccer player Wayne Rooney’s 18-year-old cousin, Natalie, gets breast implants


25. Idaho teenagers prank governor’s mansion

26. Ashley Alexandra Dupre becomes the world’s most famous hooker by having unprotected sex with the governor of New York

27. Internet sensation Allison Stokke is now of age and competing at Cal. Even looks good pumping gas

28. Supermodel Gisele Bundchen debuts the assless pants

29. Yankees pitcher Joba Chamberlain manages to digust ESPN hottie Erin Andrews

30. Brazilian model looks to bust breast implant record

31. MTV’s Audrina Patridge was young and needed the money

32. Actor Jack Nicholson is packing on the years and the pounds

33. Drug company debuts weight loss drug for dogs-this guy could use a dose

34. One-armed hotties: Barely legal surfer Bethany Hamilton and roller derby girl Brooke Leavitt

35. Jerk soldier throws puppy off a cliff in Iraq

36. Marissa Miller becomes hottest chick ever to throw out the first pitch

37. Britney Spears now has a gut

38. Tigers pitcher Joel Zumaya on “rehab” of injury

39. It’s an old Spy Magazine cover but this Hillary Clinton spoof has new relevance in an election year


40. The President and First Lady of Iran

41. Actress Megan Fox on movie set


42. Jessica Alba sucking a lollipop & at a pool while pregnant

43. UFC fighter Chuck Liddell shows off his hamstring injury

44. San Francisco holds “Hunky Jesus” competition on Easter

45. Beat LA thong

46. Israeli model shows her patriotism

47. Picture of Willie Mays’ dick sold on E-bay

48. LeBron James magazine cover called racist

49. Topps Ron Paul baseball card

50. Weirdo cover on major German magazine