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June 12, 2008

Game Three of The NBA Finals between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston  Celtics got monster ratings. According to Mediaweek, the Lakers victory drew 14.5 million viewers Tuesday night.

That’s an increase of 55 percent over last year’s Game Three. It was also the second highest rated basketball game on ABC in six years.

The game helped ABC score its highest-rated Tuesday night in prime time since 2006.

In winning Tuesday night, ABC stopped Fox’s 21-week consecutive night winning streak among viewers 18-49.

Even in tv ratings there can be only one.


June 2, 2008


CBS is reportedly thrilled by the tv ratings from its initial showing of MMA.

According to preliminary Nielsen numbers, CBS won Saturday night and cleaned up in every key demopraphic thanks to the telecast of Elite XC. Despite almost universal ridicule for what went on in the cage (Dan Wetzel of Yahoo! Sports called it an “entertainining disaster”) there were plenty of positives to take from the initial edition of the CBS “Saturday Night Fights.”

Most importantly, according to USA Today and their media column, CBS’s ratings for men 18-34 were up %271 from their regular Saturday night programming. If you watched the telecast, this allowed the Tiffany Network to load up on fast food and video game commercials as well as other sponsors who would ordinarily NEVER touch the station in that time slot.

Also, Saturday’s ratings don’t even include the main event of the evening-the Kimbo Slice fight. The production value of the program was so incompetent that the show ran 45 minutes late. Therefore, NONE of the Kimbo slice fight (which took place after 11:30) was measured in the ratings.



May 29, 2008


Last week the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric set the record for the program’s all-time lowest ratings and viewers in the history of the network.

For the week ending May 19, just 5,330,00 people watched the CBS network news broadcast. That’s the third time CBS has set a new low for their news ratings this spring.


May 29, 2008


TNT is getting HUGE tv ratings with the Lakers in the NBA playoffs. Game 4 of the Lakers/Spurs series was the most-watched and highest-rated NBA game on cable this season. It was also the second-most-watched NBA telecast of the year behind only the network (ABC) broadcast of game seven of the Celtics/Cavs.


May 23, 2008


Mediaweek is out with the cable tv ratings from last week and, because of the NBA playoffs, TNT is the top rated network on ad based cable television. 

TNT captured four of the top10 shows on cable. A Lakers/Jazz playoff basketball game drew 5.43 million viewers. Game 6 of the Celtics/Cavaliers featuring one the games great young stars (LeBron James) and one of the country’s top media markets (Boston) not only drew 5.41 million viewers but it was THE highest rated show on cable with viewers aged 18-49. That’s a HUGE ratings win for the NBA in terms of demographics.

TNT’s ratings for the NBA playoffs are up across the board in every demographic.

Like TNT, ESPN’s ratings have received a significant boost by the NBA playoffs. Their ratings are up 27 percent over last year’s coverage. Most importantly, ESPN’s ratings are up an astonishing 43 percent in the key male 18-34 demographic.


March 10, 2008

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NBA ratings make huge gains

Adult males flock to ABC, ESPN, TNT


 That’s the actual headline from the daily Variety .

According to Variety, “National TV audiences are flocking back to the NBA, led by double-digit gains in all the adult-male demographics on ABC, ESPN and TNT.”

ESPN’S NBA ratings are up a shocking 44% among its male 18 to 34-year-old viewers. That’s virtually unprecedented in tv broadcasting history.

Experts have several theories as to the sudden popularity of a league whose ratings have been declining for several years.

* The resurgence of two big market teams-the Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers

* The NBA allowing the networks to use a flexible schedule and change their telecasts to more interesting games (Shaquille O’Neal’s debut with the Phoenix Suns for instance)

* Trade deadline dealing

* “The wild wild” Western Conference which one TNT exec pointed out has nine teams seperated by six games

and finally

* The 100 day tv writers strike.  All those crappy reruns apparently “lowered the ratings of the competition.”

The NBA also generated a lot of goodwill following its charitable efforts at All Star Weekend in New Orleans.

Variety says this helped offset the negative publicity that came out of Las Vegas after last year’s All Star game.