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July 10, 2008


From Deadspin via the Gainesville Sun:


Former University of Florida basketball player Teddy Dupay has been arrested and charged with rape in Utah.

Police say Dupay hit or kicked the victim after locking a Utah hotel room door. He also allegedly threatened to catch the woman and kill her family if she attempted to leave. Dupay has been charged with three felonies: rape, aggravated kidnapping and sexual assault.

Dupay admits he had sex with the woman and says it got “a little rough” but denies raping her. Dupay reportedly told police,



“How can you rape someone you love?”

According to the police report, the victim had bruises on her outer right thigh, scratches on her back, large bruises on her back, large bruises on her upper arm and shoulder and a swollen eye. She also suffered two broken ribs.

Dupay was a member of  the 2000 Florida team that made it to the NCAA championship game. His collegiate career was ended by a gambling scandal. It was discovered that Dupay bet on college basketball games (including Florida games.) Dupay went undrafted by the NBA. He was invited to training camp by the Orlando Magic but was cut in the preseason. ran a story about Dupay working as a telemarketer in Utah. One other note, although he is still in his 20’s and was a major star in college, Teddy Dupay is a ghost on the internets today. He has no Wikipedia listing and although there are 2.9 million topics on the photo site, Teddy Dupay isn’t one of them. Hell, he doesn’t even have a MySpace or Facebook account.