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July 1, 2008


April 30, 2008



Oh my God!

The International press is being flooded today with  stories about the transvestite that soccer star Ronaldo was caught in a motel with. The above youtube video was taken from Brazilian television. I’m not up on my Portugese but words like “scandalo” and “travesti” probably aren’t good for Ronaldo.

There are also reports that Ronaldo’s girlfriend has dumped him over the incident and several sponsors are considering doing likewise.

The guy should probably be punished just for having such bad taste in “women.” One of the transvestites has gone public and dude definitely DOES NOT look like a lady:

Jesus Christ ! That is one ugly tranny!

According to the AP,

Ronaldo went into hiding Tuesday after a run-in with cross-dressing prostitutes that prompted police to investigate whether to charge one with trying to extort money from the soccer star.


Meanwhile soccer’s OTHER Ronaldo (Christiano Ronaldo of Portugal) prays he’s not confused with his Brazilian counterpart:

This might slow down his epic escapades with prostitutes.

Although the Brazilian Ronaldo’s frolicking with ho’s and trannies hasn’t stopped his country from building STATUES of him:


April 29, 2008

Have you ever noticed the only time soccer ever gets talked about is when there is a complete FIASCO in the sport?

You know, like when the world’s most famous player gets picked up by the police with a group of transvestites.

Brazilian soccer star Ronaldo was questioned by police early Monday after a run-in with the transvestites in a Rio de Janeiro motel.  Apparently transvestite hookers are a big thing in Brazil.

The altercation began when Ronaldo found out he was dealing with transvestites instead of women. A police inspector said Ronaldo admitted he knew they were prostitutes when they met earlier Sunday night but did not realize they were transvestites until they got to the motel. A police captain said,

“He admitted to everything, he wanted to have fun. But he committed no crime at all, it was immoral at best.”

 Prostitution is not illegal in Brazil. Ronaldo is LEGENDARY for his love of hookers.

There’s the time he hired four prostitutes at once in Italy. Or the time he bedded five prostitutes at once in Portugal. Or the time he asked a security guard for 40 condoms. Oops. That was Robinho.

It’s hard to keep all the one-named, hooker-loving soccer players straight.