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March 14, 2008


The irony was overwhelming.

On a day when Oklahoma City was virtually guaranteed an NBA franchise (thanks Washington State Legislature!), their fans revealed what racist hicks they really are.


In a brilliant article, basketball writer, Darnell Mayberry, of The Oklahoman, pointed out just how ignorant some of the residents of Oklahoma City could be. Mayberry compiled quotes from his newspaper’s message boards, other pieces written by The Oklahoman and callers to local talk radio.

darnell_mayberry.jpgDarnell Mayberry

Frankly, it’s embarrassing.

The piece features quotes from various OKC residents talking about the prospect of NBA basketball coming to their town. And they don’t seem very happy about it.

Citing every possible ignorant stereotype, fans openly wondered if the NBA’s presence would increase Oklahoma City’s crime rate and drag down the city.


Some samples: “We don’t want the NBA, with its image problems, fatherless children, egomaniacs and shootings. No thanks.”

And, says Mayberry, suggestions for possible team nicknames included “Posse,” “Thugs” and “Hoodlums.”

Man, those Oklahoma City fans are really stuck in the 80’s.


Shawn Kemp

Actually, I was thinking 1880’s:


And, before you accuse ME of doing some stereotyping of my own, here’s a couple of facts for you.


Civil Rights groups that monitor hate organizations list Oklahoma City as a CURRENT location of Neo-Nazi activity.

Oklahoma is also the home of multiple chapters of the Knights of The Bayou (an offshoot of the KKK.)


Sure, this guy was recently fired as a NEBRASKA state trooper for joining the Klan, but he’s an Oklahoma native son.


And both the History Channel and Wikipedia cite Oklahoma as a traditional hotbed of Klan activity.

So, here’s some free marketing advice for Sonics owner Clay Bennett. Since the fans in your hometown may not be into their new basketball team, here’s some additional memorabilia you might consider selling:

Each item is available for purchase directly off the KKK’s official website. (seriously!)

And there’s something for the whole (Oklahoma) family:

kkkkup.jpgKKK Kup

kkkkoaster.gifKKK Koaster


kkkkey.jpgKKK Keychain

Maybe something for the Little Lady:


Official KKK Oven Mitts

It’s bad enough that a great city like Seattle is going to lose its basketball team. But, losing it to a place like Oklahoma City is the worst!