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July 14, 2008


NBA COACH GEORGE KARL TURNS HIS BACK ON REFEREE SCOTT FOSTER has obtained the phone records of Tim Donaghy and say the disgraced NBA referee may not have acted alone in his gambling transgressions.

The NBA has maintained that Donaghy was a lone “rogue isolated criminal” who acted alone, but phone records obtained by Fox show Donaghy made over 100 phone calls to fellow ref Scott Foster at the same time he was talking to gamblers.

Fox says their research shows Donaghy made 136 phone calls to Foster and 124 calls to his bookie between October 2006 and April 2007. That’s the same time Donaghy admitted to betting on NBA games. Donaghy’s phone records show he didn’t phone any other referee more than 13 times.

The Fox story goes into elaborate details about Donaghy’s phone records. They also quote law enforcement sources who say the Foster calls look “suspicious.” The Fox story says the “conversations with Foster and others have led authorities to suspect the NBA betting scandal goes beyond Donaghy.”