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August 6, 2008


Meet Sarah Cournede. Ms. Cournede has the distinction of being either the most dimwitted or the unluckiest hooker in all of Las Vegas.

Cournede and her sister (described by police as “known prostitutes”) were involved in a scuffle at the Wynn Las Vegas casino. Unfortunately for the Cournede sisters they chose to solicit the wrong guy when they were trolling for potential customers last month. The working girls hit on a fairly well known billionaire. Steve Wynn. Wynn is not only happily married and one of Nevada’s staunchest critics of prostitution, but he also happens to OWN THE CASINO the two ho’s were working in.

Wynn responded by walking Sarah Cournede to the door then calling security. A melee erupted. That’s when Maria Cournede slapped Wynn in the face in his own casino.

Both sisters were arrested on charges of trespassing. Wynn refused to press battery charges.