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June 1, 2008


The Chicago Cubs may no longer be cursed but their former ace pitcher, Mark Prior, certainly is.

It was announced today that Prior will undergo season-ending surgery on his injured right shoulder. This marks the second season in a row that the injury ravaged pitcher has not thrown a single pitch in a single game (major or minor league.)

Prior was once the premiere young pitcher in baseball. Following a Hall-of-Fame caliber college career at USC, he was the Cubs first round draft pick in 2001. Prior was probably the most Major League ready pitching prospect of the 2000’s. After just nine minor league starts he was called up to the Cubs where he found instant success at the age of 22.

In 2003 (and still just 23-years-old) Prior went 18-6 for Chicago with a 2.43 ERA and 245 strikeouts in 211 innings. More importantly, he and fellow young fireballer, Kerry Wood, led the Cubs most serious playoff run in nearly a century.

Since then Prior has been beseiged with injuries. The Cubs finally gave up on him this offseason. It was thought Prior’s signing with his homestate San Diego Padres could start a career rebirth. That career may now be over.

One more note on the Cubs, they entered June with the best record in baseball. That’s the first time that’s happened since 1908! 




April 21, 2008





The San Diego Union Tribune ran a groundbreaking article this weekend.

Turns out that not only is the beer being sold at ballparks a ripoff (20 oz. beers at Petco park sell for $ 8.50) but THE BEER IS INTENTIONALLY DILUTED. The paper discovered the Padres are selling low alcohol 3.2 beer to its customers. (Most beer is 4 percent alcohol by weight.) 3.2 beer was actually developed before the Depression as a means of appeasing prohibitionists.

The Padres are not required to divulge the alcohol content of the beer they sell.

When confronted by the newspaper, the Padres not only admitted the ripoff but concede THEY’VE BEEN DOING IT FOR YEARS. The San Diego paper found out:

Padres officials say lower-alcohol beer, like higher prices, is part of an “alcohol management plan,” meant to keep fans from overindulging. They also say it’s common practice in the sports industry and hardly limited to Petco.

GREAT! I’d feel lots better if EVERY ballpark was ripping off fans.

And while the Padres are sticking to the “public safety” argument, MONEY is probably the bottom line. The difference in cost for the low alcohol beer is 32 percent. A keg of Budweiser Select goes for $76, according to California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control records. The 3.2 percent version of Bud Select runs $52.

The Union Tribune interviewed a couple of consumer advocates for the story. The first COMPARED BASEBALL TO OIL COMPANIES in its efforts to gouge the public. The second from a Santa Monica based consumer watchdog group said,

“It’s just another example of companies fleecing the public,” Consumers are facing higher prices not only for necessities such as gasoline and food, but also while enjoying a simple baseball game, he said. “Where does it end?”

The consumer advocate recommended fans lodge complaints with any team that is selling the watered down beer.