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August 12, 2008



Nevada prison officials recently made a decision that is expected to save the state millions of dollars. They have banned manual typewriters. Don’t laugh. This is actually a stroke of genius by the state.

According to an article in today’s Las Vegas Review Journal, for decades Nevada prisoners (with plenty of free time on their hands) have been busy pecking out a barrage of lawsuits against the state. The inmates use state-issued prison typewriters to write their own legal briefs. They then flood the courts with these briefs forcing the state and prison officials to spend millions of dollars to respond. These are often frivolous nuisance suits. No more.

Nevada has confiscated every prison typewriter in the entire state. How is that legal? Easy. The state’s prison officials did it for “safety” reasons. They say there are parts of a typewriter that can be used as a weapon. They even issued a memo describing the typewriter parts that are particularly dangerous. The state also cited two example of prisoner violence involving typewriters.

Hey, times are tough economically in Nevada. This is one example of a government memo that may have actually SAVED money. Naturally, the ACLU is going insane over the decision. They have filed a lawsuit of their own in the case.


August 11, 2008


It’s tough these days to be a drug addict. Even in the Biggest Little City in the World. The price of gas keeps going up. But not as much as the price of meth!

Today’s Reno Gazette- Journal has the story about the town’s meth supply drying up. The result?  The cost of methamphetamines has gone from $50 a gram to $100 for a tenth of a gram. That’s a 2,000 % increase. What’s a poor meth addict to do?

The result is meth use is down 31 percent between June of 2007 and June of 2008.


Unfortunately heroin use is up 1,375 %.


Loser meth addicts have simply shifted to being loser heroin addicts. A tenth of a gram of heroin sells on the street for $10. By comparison, a tablet of OxyContin sells for $50 to $80.

After all, it’s not like drug addicts are going to quit using drugs. They just steal more stuff from me and you.

That explains the latest bill going through congress. Last year drug addicts stole between $750,000 and $1 million worth of copper wiring in the city of Las Vegas. Drug addicts steal the copper and sell it at recycling centers. Nevada Senator Harry Reid, a Democrat, introduced a bill that would give the city of Las Vegas $1 million to pay for the thefts.

Republicans seized on the opportunity and yelled, “Earmark!” (Also “pork barrel”and “He’s a witch!”) The result is the bill was knocked down to $400,000. Unfortunately, Reid is so ineffectual and useless that even though he’s the senate majority “leader” he can’t even get a lousy 400 grand in times of a 9 trillion dollar deficit.




July 13, 2008

The Nevada Gaming Control Board this week passed a measure recommending the repeal of the regulation banning the use of cell phones in casino sports books. The Gaming Commission will make a final ruling on the decision later this year.

Anyone who has ever visited Las Vegas knows that you can’t use a cell phone in a sports books. This idiotic regulation is VIGOROUSLY enforced. The regulation is so stupid that it is actually based on a 1961 law. That’s right. Only the government would base its cell phone and internet policies on a law that was passed nearly 50 years ago.

A Las Vegas blog has attempted to explain the cell phone ban. The Federal Wire Act was passed in 1961. It was designed to stop “runners” from transmitting information on odds from different casinos in attempt to prevent illegal bookmakers from “laying off” wagers. Incompetant government bureaucrats have been unable to find a way to change the ban. Even though a couple of little inventions like CELL PHONES AND THE INTERNET have occured since the passage of the original law.

Anyone who wants to know the odds of ANY event at any casino simply needs to make one mouse click on the internet. To ban the use of cell phones because of the hypothetical theory of bookies running paper betting slips around Las Vegas is idiotic beyond belief. The fact that the cell phone policy hasn’t changed since their INVENTION tells you everything you need to know about government bureaucracy and stupidity.



May 31, 2008


As we’ve written about before on The Blog, Nevada has the worst governor in America.

Nevada Governor Jim Gibbons is currently getting a divorce. Things are getting so ugly that Governor Gibbons is actually trying to have The First Lady evicted from the governor’s mansion. This week details are coming out about Gibbons and his possible affair. Dawn Gibbons declared there was “another woman” in her divorce proceedings. The Las Vegas Review Journal has identified the woman as married 48-year-old Kathy Karrasch.

The Review Journal even posted a video supposedly showing the governor’s mistress (it’s awful and hardly worth a look.) The RJ apparently felt compelled to run SOME video of the woman after the Reno paper ran video of the governor attending the play of his mistress’ daughter.

Meanwhile a Nevada blog has published part of First Lady Dawn Gibbons’ divorce petition and it makes for hilarious reading.

According to the divorce petition filed by his wife, Gibbons is an adulterer:


After more than twenty years of marriage, the Plaintiff has deserted, abandoned, and
has shunned his wife without justification for that behavior.

Truth, despite his disingenuous, shallow, and transparent protestations that his
relationship with another man’s wife is a mere friendship, his infatuation and involvement
with the other woman is the real, concealed and undisclosed reason for his voluntary
departure from the marriage and from the Mansion where he occasionally resided.


Also, according to Mrs. Gibbons, the Governor drinks “copious amounts” of liquor.


For just one example, even when , after consuming copious amounts of alcohol, and
under the cover of darkness, in a garage in Las Vegas, the Plaintiff was accused of assaulting
a young woman, bearing a striking resemblance, to the “other woman” referenced, below,
that woman, too, like his wife now, was trashed and the Public was, again, misled. But, she
never had the opportunity of having a Public hearing with attendant cross-examination of
this man so the truth would be told. This event was of universal interest to the media and
was widely covered by the press.


Mrs. Gibbons also calls her husband “the most scandal ridden governor in the history of this state” and accuses the governor’s mistress of being a “stalker”:


As demonstrated below, the
Public’s right to know is Constitutionally protected in order to preserve our democracy and
our way of life. This Public interest is heightened when the subject of interest is one of the
most if not the most scandal ridden Governor in the history of this State. And, he has only
held the office for a year and a half. Mrs. Gibbons is entitled to her day in Court, in an open
court, not in a secret proceeding, but a public one that will provide her with a forum in which
to be publicly exonerated, and in which she can fix blame where it belongs, on the shoulders
of the woman who the has, for years, stalked the man who could give her the public persona
and prestige, that, apparently, she craves,






May 29, 2008


A Nevada state assemblywoman has been arrested after stabbing her new husband with a steak knife.

The two-term Republican was arrested after her husband checked himself into Summerlin hospital claiming Allen attacked him during an argument in the couple’s home.  Allen (shown in the above mugshot) was charged with domestic violence and battery.

According to the police report,


Allen accused him of embarrassing her in front of friends.  The argument moved to the kitchen, where [the husband] claims Allen grabbed a knife and “was just trying to make a point” when she stabbed him in the arm.

Since it’s Nevada, hubby then drove himself to the hospital with the knife sticking out of his arm. Upon arriving at the hospital the man tried to change his story to protect his wife,


…saying he did not want to get her in trouble, adding that he had been to jail and it is “a very bad place.”

With her perfect rating by the NRA, perhaps Francis should have shot him and avoided all the embarrassment.

Francis was elected to the Assembly in 2004. She represents the 4th district of Clark County which is actually a quite affluent area of Las Vegas.