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May 31, 2008


As we’ve written about before on The Blog, Nevada has the worst governor in America.

Nevada Governor Jim Gibbons is currently getting a divorce. Things are getting so ugly that Governor Gibbons is actually trying to have The First Lady evicted from the governor’s mansion. This week details are coming out about Gibbons and his possible affair. Dawn Gibbons declared there was “another woman” in her divorce proceedings. The Las Vegas Review Journal has identified the woman as married 48-year-old Kathy Karrasch.

The Review Journal even posted a video supposedly showing the governor’s mistress (it’s awful and hardly worth a look.) The RJ apparently felt compelled to run SOME video of the woman after the Reno paper ran video of the governor attending the play of his mistress’ daughter.

Meanwhile a Nevada blog has published part of First Lady Dawn Gibbons’ divorce petition and it makes for hilarious reading.

According to the divorce petition filed by his wife, Gibbons is an adulterer:


After more than twenty years of marriage, the Plaintiff has deserted, abandoned, and
has shunned his wife without justification for that behavior.

Truth, despite his disingenuous, shallow, and transparent protestations that his
relationship with another man’s wife is a mere friendship, his infatuation and involvement
with the other woman is the real, concealed and undisclosed reason for his voluntary
departure from the marriage and from the Mansion where he occasionally resided.


Also, according to Mrs. Gibbons, the Governor drinks “copious amounts” of liquor.


For just one example, even when , after consuming copious amounts of alcohol, and
under the cover of darkness, in a garage in Las Vegas, the Plaintiff was accused of assaulting
a young woman, bearing a striking resemblance, to the “other woman” referenced, below,
that woman, too, like his wife now, was trashed and the Public was, again, misled. But, she
never had the opportunity of having a Public hearing with attendant cross-examination of
this man so the truth would be told. This event was of universal interest to the media and
was widely covered by the press.


Mrs. Gibbons also calls her husband “the most scandal ridden governor in the history of this state” and accuses the governor’s mistress of being a “stalker”:


As demonstrated below, the
Public’s right to know is Constitutionally protected in order to preserve our democracy and
our way of life. This Public interest is heightened when the subject of interest is one of the
most if not the most scandal ridden Governor in the history of this State. And, he has only
held the office for a year and a half. Mrs. Gibbons is entitled to her day in Court, in an open
court, not in a secret proceeding, but a public one that will provide her with a forum in which
to be publicly exonerated, and in which she can fix blame where it belongs, on the shoulders
of the woman who the has, for years, stalked the man who could give her the public persona
and prestige, that, apparently, she craves,