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April 8, 2008

From SportsbyBrooks:


The NEW YORK DAILY NEWS reports the 2nd Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals in Manhattan ruled that a jury should hear the case of former Iona basketball coach Craig Holcomb, who claims that he was dismissed from his job at the college because Holcomb, who is white, married a black woman.

The appellate court ruled that a lower court was wrong in throwing out the case and that the case will see trial. Holcomb was fired in 2004 after he refused to resign. He is now a gym teacher at a New York high school.

“Holcomb accused Iona Vice President and former Athletic Director Richard Petriccione of repeatedly using the N-word to refer to black players and of calling a Nigerian employee a “jungle bunny.”

In 2000, Holcomb says, he asked Petriccione if he’d received the invitation for his wedding to Pamela Gauthier, an African-American. According to Holcomb, Petriccione responded: “You’re really going to marry that Aunt Jemima? You really are a n—-r lover.”