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May 16, 2008


The British tabloid News of the World has an AWESOME story today on the former Hollywood Madam, Heidi Fleiss. Fleiss was arrested in the 90’s for running one of the biggest prostitution rings in the history of Los Angeles. Her clients included a host of rich celebrity clients including actor Charlie Sheen. She eventually served over three years in prison

Fleiss currently lives outside of Parumph, Nevada, a small desert town about an hour’s drive outside of Las Vegas. She operates a laundromat fittingly called “Dirty Laundry.”

Fleiss lives in a trailer WITH 20 PARROTS.

“I love those birds more than I’ve ever loved any man,” she says. “It’s been two years since I had sex and I don’t care if I ever do it again.”


Despite her budding career as the laundry queen of Parumph, Fleiss is working on a new book.

I’m not sure anything in a book could be as good as the story she told about Marlon Brando to News of the World for free. First, Fleiss says she’s loves having sex with fat men because “they try harder.”


“Marlon (Brando) was without doubt the sexiest, fattest man I ever slept with. I went to his house a week before I was jailed and had the most exhausting but satisfying eight hours of my life. We did it in every position imaginable.

“As soon as I walked in he stripped me and devoured me like an animal. For the next eight hours we did it in every room of the house and even in the shower.

“He was old then but Marlon knew exactly how to please a woman and despite his size had incredible stamina. He just kept going.

Marlon he could go for hours and loved sex every which way. He gave me 20 orgasms that night.”


Awesome! Marlon Brando was 73-years-old and weighed over 300 pounds when he had sex with Fleiss. I guess once you have a 300 pound 70-year-old you’ll never go back.

Fleiss is less complimentary to her former live-in lover, actor Tom Sizemore.


“Tom is the most disgusting human being I’ve ever met. He asked me to perform sex acts even I thought were depraved. Once, when I refused to have sex with him, he dragged me across the floor and split my head open. The day he was convicted was one of the happiest of my life.”


Sizemore was recently released from jail.

Ten years ago Fleiss was the talk of Hollywood. She lived in a multi-million dollar mansion, drove a Porsche and shopped on Rodeo Drive. Not anymore.

The article, though generally favorable towards Fleiss, does mention she’s totally broke. The News of the World article says Fleiss was wearing a two dollar Salvation Army t-shirt during the interview,



“It was all I could afford,” she says. “To think I used to earn ten million dollars a year—I shopped at the most exclusive stores on Rodeo Drive. I’d think nothing about spending $400 on a pair of jeans.

“I drove a Porsche and ate at restaurants where soup cost 30 bucks. Now I can barely afford a can of soup. Some days I eat the parrots’ nuts because I can’t afford bread.”


What the story glosses over is Fleiss’ long-time drug use. Fleiss was arrested as recently as February on drug and DUI charges. There’s a reason she was with a scumbag like Sizemore for years. They had a common interest: drugs. Between the two of them all of the millions of dollars Heidi Fleiss made went right up their noses (and I’m sure other orifices as well.) As recently as 2004 Fleiss received $4 million from Paramount pictures for the rights to her book. The money is all gone now.

For all the talk of her being a “high end” madam and all the celebrity clients, Fleiss is nothing but a crack whore.

Don’t believe me? Look at her mug shot (taken in February):