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June 22, 2008


Offensive lineman and small college hero Heath Benedict died this spring just weeks before he would have been taken in the NFL draft. Now a newspaper report says steroids may have played a major role in Benedict’s death.

This blog received criticism back in April for even raising the POSSIBILITY that steroids may have been involved in Benedict’s death. The medical examiner’s report says Benedict died on a couch in Jacksonville, Florida. A syringe was found next to Benedict’s body along with two vials of liquid. According to the newspaper report, one of the vials contained anabolic steroids. The other vial contained a liquid form of viagra. A story in the New York Daily News last week said an increasing number of athletes were using Viagra as a performance enhancing drug.

The official cause of Benedict’s death is listed as cardiac hypertrophy (an enlarged heart.) Possible side effects of steroid and HGH use include an enlarged heart and irregular heartbeat.