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July 14, 2008


Norm! strikes again. The Las Vegas Review Journal gossip columnist has the story that Nevada governor Jim Gibbons was spotted partying at the Hard Rock’s “Wasted Wednesdays” event last week. Arizona Cardinals quarterback Matt Leinart was one of the celebrities at the club at the time. You’ve gotta love a governor who can hang with Matt Leinart when he parties. Particularly when the governor professes to be a mormon.


The report follows a previous Norm! item: that Gibbons was also spotted out last Saturday night drinking a bottle of tequila at Tao of Las Vegas. Gibbons also attended UFC 86 that same night with comped tickets provided by the Nevada State Athletic Commission.


May 8, 2008


Anyone who reads this blog on a regular basis knows I hate all politicians. That goes for both parties.

As a resident of the great state of Nevada we can make ONE claim politically. We have the nation’s worst governor, Jim Gibbons.

Our governor is so bad there’s a Ron-Zook-like website entitled .

Gibbons is now making national news because he is getting divorced. In fact, he has served his wife with divorce papers, moved out of the Governor’s Mansion and set up his own bachelor pad. Meanwhile Mrs. Gibbons is pining away in the mansion saying she doesn’t know why her hubby skipped out and she can’t get ahold of him. I can only assume it’s because she misses all the bribe money she made from Gibbons getting her contracts with lobbyists. Those allegations were detailed in Newsweek and The Wall Street Journal. For his part, Gibbons is trying to have his wife and her staff evicted. 


It probably wasn’t a good omen for their marriage when the Governor was drinking and hitting on/assaulting cocktail waitresses during the election. It’s never a good sign in a marriage when one of the parties is DATING. Nevertheless, because it’s Nevada, Gibbons won election anyway. As a “conservative.” This despite the fact that a cocktail waitress accused Gibbons of trying to sexually assault her in a parking lot just weeks before the election. is one of the top political websites in the country. I assume it’s impossible to slander a politician because the website and writer Ken Layne absolutely DESTROY Gibbons today. Layne titles his article:


Layne’s piece could be the funniest political article I’ve ever read in my life. Please do yourself a favor and check it out. Not only does it refer to Gibbons as a “drunken idiot” but the subheading is “America’s Worst Governor.” Layne also refers to Gibbons as a “moronic alcoholic waitress-assaulting sex criminal” and a “bribe taker.” He describes Gibbons as:

“a GOP congressman and bribe-taker in Washington for many years, where he otherwise went totally unnoticed.”

In previous writings, Ken Layne had referred to Gov. Gibbons as a “cretin” and a “paranoid schizophrenic.” That was after an article in The Wall Street Journal accused Gibbons of taking a $100,000 bribe from a lobbyist. Gibbons’ reaction was to allege a “conspiracy” between the liberal media and the “liberal” Wall Street Journal. The man who accused Gibbons of taking the bribe is the guy he is shown drinking with in the ABOVE PICTURE. The famous picture was taken on a cruise ship. The guy next to Gibbons is contractor and lobbyist, Warren Trepp.

Since this IS NOT a political blog, I’m not going to go into huge detail about the Trepp incident. He basically accuses Gibbons (then a Congressman) of shoveling bribe money in the form of cash and poker chips into a briefcase. The entire incident is detailed in the Feb. 15, 2007 Wall Street Journal and again on Nov. 1, 2006. The FBI is currently investigating the case.

Naturally, all of Nevada’s top political writers and columnists are also having a field day with the Gibbons divorce. Jon Ralston of the Las Vegas Sun points out that the spat over the Governor’s Mansion is ironic since Mr.-Family-Values-Candidate and his wife haven’t co-habitated as a couple for nearly a decade. John L. Smith took his shot at Gibbons in the Las Vegas Review Journal as well.

Lastly, there is one NEW detail I learned from Ken Layne’s article. Since they’re on a cruise ship, I always assumed the picture at the top of this page was some type of drunken pirate deal. NOT TRUE.

According to Layne the picture was an attempt by Gibbons and his lobbyist buddy TO MOCK ON AFRICAN AMERICANS AND “RAP MUSIC.” According to Ken Layne that’s the purpose of the bandanas and the medallion around Gibbons’ neck.

Great! So as well as being an “alcoholic,” an adulterer, and a “bribe taker” it turns out our governor is also a RACIST too.