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July 10, 2008


From Deadspin via the Gainesville Sun:


Former University of Florida basketball player Teddy Dupay has been arrested and charged with rape in Utah.

Police say Dupay hit or kicked the victim after locking a Utah hotel room door. He also allegedly threatened to catch the woman and kill her family if she attempted to leave. Dupay has been charged with three felonies: rape, aggravated kidnapping and sexual assault.

Dupay admits he had sex with the woman and says it got “a little rough” but denies raping her. Dupay reportedly told police,



“How can you rape someone you love?”

According to the police report, the victim had bruises on her outer right thigh, scratches on her back, large bruises on her back, large bruises on her upper arm and shoulder and a swollen eye. She also suffered two broken ribs.

Dupay was a member of  the 2000 Florida team that made it to the NCAA championship game. His collegiate career was ended by a gambling scandal. It was discovered that Dupay bet on college basketball games (including Florida games.) Dupay went undrafted by the NBA. He was invited to training camp by the Orlando Magic but was cut in the preseason. ran a story about Dupay working as a telemarketer in Utah. One other note, although he is still in his 20’s and was a major star in college, Teddy Dupay is a ghost on the internets today. He has no Wikipedia listing and although there are 2.9 million topics on the photo site, Teddy Dupay isn’t one of them. Hell, he doesn’t even have a MySpace or Facebook account.


June 23, 2008


The Daily Mail of London is reporting as many as eight professional tennis matches may have been fixed at the hallowed Wimbledon Tennis Championships. According to the newspaper, four of last year’s mens singles matches at Wimbledon are suspected of being fixed by the Russian mob.

This week the governing bodies of tennis announced new rules  banning everyone except coaches from the players dressing rooms. The rules are designed to limit contact between WTA players and gamblers and potential match fixers. Last year Belgian player Gilles Elseneer came forward to say he had been bribed to throw a match at Wimbledon in 2005.

British tennis player Andy Murray has already said,

“Everyone knows that match-fixing takes place.”



June 22, 2008


If you want a better understanding of sports gambling check out today’s article by Matt Youmans in the Las Vegas Jeview Journal. The piece recaps the career of retiring MGM Mirage sportsbook director Robert Walker.

The article does a brilliant job of laying out the transformation of Las Vegas from the “wild west” of sports gambling to the corporate run $2.59 billion industry that sports betting is today.

Walker, whose last day on the job was yesterday, actually says he’s PROUD of his reputation as a “bean counter,”

“My reputation is a bean counter, which I think is a good thing. But you get labeled afraid to take a bet, and it’s not my money. Anybody can take a bet when it’s not their money.”

Many people don’t realize the top bet you can make legally in Las Vegas sportsbooks is now measured in the thousands of dollars not millions. Youmans also does a good job of explaining the daily give and take between large corporate casinos and the professional “wiseguy” bettors in Las Vegas.


June 11, 2008


Yesterday disgraced NBA referee Tim Donaghy came out with some veiled allegations about other NBA officials possibly altering the outcome of games and questioned their integrity.

Originally I wasn’t even going to post on this topic. It’s obvious that Donaghy is a liar and a scumbag as well as a degenerate gambler who’s just trying to save his own sorry ass with the Feds.

But, Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports makes a great point.

According to Wojnarowski’s latest column, commissioner David Stern and the NBA is only having to face this new round of accusations by Donaghy because of their own cheapness.

As Wojnarowski points out, Donaghy is a broken man. He has already lost his career, his reputation, his family and soon his freedom over his gambling and ties to organized crime.

Stern and the league are unhappy that under federal laws they are still required to eventually pay Donaghy a pension. They are further angered that Donaghy is trying to get out of serving any jail time for his role in betting on NBA games while being employed as a league ref.

Whether motivated by spite or greed, LAST WEEK the NBA filed a letter with federal probation officials. They are seeking $1 million in restitution damages from Donaghy. The league claims that’s the amount they invested in developing the rogue ref. 

According to Wojnarowski seeking “blood money” from Donaghy is beneath the league. Besides, the guy is flat broke. He was a bad gambler, with a ton of legal fees who’s currently going through a divorce in a community property state.

Good luck getting one nickle out of Donaghy. The NBA should have known better and taken the high road.



May 22, 2008


According to an article in today’s Washington Times, the state of Delaware is “on the verge of instituting sports betting.” Not only that, but New Jersey and Maryland may follow suit.

Right now, Nevada is the only state that allows legalized sports betting. In fact, there is a federal law which prohibits it in other states. Oregon, Montana and Delaware were exempted from the ban because they already had state laws on the books permitting sports betting (although there currently is no vehicle to do so,)

The state of Delaware has come to depend on the revenues it generates from gambling to fund its government. Delaware has allowed slot machines at its horse tracks for a number of years. Last year Pennsylvania legalized slot machines at 14 casinos for more than 70,000 slot machines. That Pennsylvania law has devastated Delaware. As the Times article states, “bettors in nearby states who used to travel to Delaware to gamble can stay right at home to donate their money to the one-armed bandits.”

In response, Delaware is going to legalize sports betting. It’s simply a way to make up for the lost slot machine revenue.

Last week, the Delaware state House of Representatives passed a bill that would allow betting on professional and college sports at state casinos. It now moves onto the Senate, where it likely will pass.

Naturally, the NFL, NBA, MLB and the NCAA are freaking out. The NFL placed ads opposing the law in local newspapers. The NFL last week ran an ad in the Wilmington News Journal arguing to “Keep Vegas in Vegas” and suggesting that “Sports Betting = More Problems, Not More Revenue.”

As the Washington Times points out, “It’s a losing battle.”

Delaware (and its politicians) need the revenue. What’s the NFL going to do to them? Deny Delaware an NFL franchise? Or a Super Bowl?

The bill is going to pass. That’s when, as the saying goes, all bets are off. According to the Washington Times,

The New Jersey State Assembly passed a bill in February allowing legalized sports betting in Atlantic City casinos despite the federal ban. That measure hasn’t gone anywhere, but once Delaware approves sports betting, everyone will want into the game.

Maryland is then expected to follow suit. That could lead to a flood of sports books and casinos opening in Mid-Atlantic states. If (when) the law passes, Delaware sports books could be open by 2009.


May 18, 2008










Here’s a huge story the mainsteam media is virtually ignoring.

Disgraced basketball referee Tim Donaghy placed bets on over 100 NBA games he worked in over a four year period. That’s the word from federal prosecutors in New York. A New York Post story says Donaghy bet on about half the games he worked in during the last four years of his career as an NBA ref.









The league is obviously vey sensitive about this topic. Commissioner David Stern has continually chided reporters and interviewers who ask him about Donaghy betting on games. Stern always maintains that Donaghy has never been charged with influencing the outcome of games (a laughable position if he bet A HUNDRED games he personally worked in and no others) and also wasn’t charged with betting the games. Stern’s position is Donaghy was charged with giving information to illegal bookmakers.

 A couple of weeks ago NBA announcer Kevin Calabro was forced to come back from a break and recant his statement on the air that Donaghy was charged with betting on games. It was obvious that somebody from the league office gave him hell.

Also, ESPN (the NBA’s “broadcast partner”) pulled the AP story headlined, “Donaghy Bet on 100 Games, Prosecutors Say” off its website. The story is still on

The league’s website also has no mention of the Donaghy story.