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June 3, 2008


Seattle residents awoke Tuesday to the following headline:

“Feds say prostitution rampant at strip clubs”

Federal and local authorities raided four Seattle area strip clubs Monday. Rick’s, in Seattle; Sugar’s, in Shoreline; Honey’s, in Everett; and Fox’s, in Parkland, Pierce County were targeted in simultaneous raids. All of the clubs are owned by long-time Seattle mobster and organized crime figure Frank Colacurcio Sr.

According to authorities, the clubs promoted prostitution and took a cut of the proceeds earned by dancers who performed illegal sex acts.

The U.S. Attorney’s office announced Colacurcio, his business partners and several subordinates are under investigation for promoting prostitution, money laundering, tax evasion and mail fraud.

Both federal and local officials were busy patting themselves on the back Thursday following the raids.

U.S. Attorney Jeff Sullivan said,

“For far too long, the Colacurcio organization has made big money operating their clubs as fronts for prostitution. The Colacurcios have designed the clubs, the payment methods, and the policies to encourage prostitution and to ensure they are the ones getting rich off these illegal sex acts.”


Meanwhile Seattle Police Chief Gil Kerlikowske said,


“This is the most significant organized-crime investigation we have ever undertaken,” and added that the enterprise had “done considerable damage to this city.”

“It’s an organization that has made its money on the backs of women. It’s about violence and organized crime. It’s not about the morals police,”

Under a RICO prosecution, law-enforcement officials could seek to shut down and seize the clubs.

Good luck with that.

Who’s more incompetent the cops or the criminals?

Seattle law enforcement has been trying to put Frank Colacurcio Sr. in prison for SIX DECADES. Here’s a picture of him following his arrest on racketeering charges in 1958:

Unfortunately, Colacurcio’s high-priced lawyers are always smarter than the imcompetent government bureaucrats that are trying to convict him. Authorities also went after him in the 70’s on tax evasion charges but Colacurcio skated again.

Assuming Colacurcio’s lawyers can drag this case out a couple of years, it’s hard to imagine what the government’s goal here is. Colacurcio is 90-years-old. If the government is lucky (which they’ve never been in prosecuting this guy before) they MIGHT be able to put him in jail before he turns 100.

Also, unbelievably, the CLUBS ARE STILL OPEN. Authorities failed to shut down any of the four clubs targeted in Thursday’s raids permanently.

Meanwhile, although his lawyers may be brilliant, it’s not like Colacurcio is a rocket scientist.

Not only was an undercover agent able to infiltrate Colacurcio’s organization but he was actually promoted by the mobster himself. At the time of the raid the undercover agent had worked his way up to the MANAGER of Rick’s.

Corrupt politicians

For years pious Washington politicians have talked about “protecting” women. They have passed a series of archaic and restrictive laws on the state’s strip clubs. Unfortunately, these laws have made it so that the women who work in these clubs are virtually FORCED to commit acts of prostitution just to survive.  

Girls are forced to pay a $130 nightly “house fee” to work in Colacurcio’s clubs. It is almost impossible for dancers to make back that money in a legitimate fashion by just performing dances. Dancers are not allowed to have any physical contact with their customers in Washington. Plus, the clubs aren’t allowed to serve alcohol which often loosens the customers purse strings. Many of the dancers (most of whom are simply uneducated working mothers trying to earn a living) are forced to perform acts of prostitution in order to keep their jobs and make their house fees.

Authorities did actually manage to convict Colacurcio recently. In the infamous “Strippergate” case Seattle City Council members Judy Nicastro, Heidi Wills and Jim Compton all took thousands of dollars from the mobster. Colacurcio and his son pleaded guilty in January to felony and misdemeanor charges, admitting they reimbursed others to skirt campaign-donation limits. The Colacurcios agreed to each pay $75,000 in criminal and civil penalties.

Finally, according to the court documents, one confidential informant said there is an “open invitation” for dancers to earn between $150 and $1,000 by having sex with Colacurcio. Again, he’s 90!