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May 5, 2008

Here’s another example of why politicians are the filth of the world.

The state of California has the biggest deficit in history. The state suffers from a multitude of political problems. With all the REAL problems facing Californians, their Assembly drew national ridicule last week by focusing on an imaginary one. Balloons.

The California State Assembly came within five votes of making the sale of balloons ILLEGAL last week. The bill was introduced by now national laughingstock Jack Scott (D-Altadena.) Scott offered his bill after The City of Burbank testified that one out of every 8 electrical failures in Beautiful Downtown Burbank is caused by balloons.

Under the bill, retailers would have been fined $100 for selling helium-filled balloons and could have even faced criminal misdemeanor charges for repeat offenses. Great! California is parolling murderers, rapists and drug dealers because they don’t have enough jail space and now they think it’s a good idea to criminally prosecute people who buy and sell brthday balloons.

The bill failed in the Assembly last week but some proponents continue to work to get legislation reintroduced. I wonder if, by any chance, it’s the same politicians who¬†take contributions from power companies. For whatever reason California utilities have targeted the sale of balloons. They say besides weather and equipment failures balloons account for the majority of their service interruptions.