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April 20, 2008


When the Detroit Lions took rookie wide receiver, Calvin Johnson of Georgia Tech, with the 2nd pick in last year’s NFL draft, he was labeled a “can’t miss” superstar sure to put up monster numbers in the Lion’s high-powered offense.

It didn’t work out that way. Johnson had a respectable 48 catches for 756 yards. Not bad for a rookie, but certainly not SUPERSTAR numbers.

Now details are coming out that Johnson played virtually his entire rookie season with a back injury. The injury was so severe Johnson was forced to take the painkiller Vicodin every day-and twice during games. In a recent interview, Johnson says after suffering a back injury in the third game of the season,

“I was on meds the rest of the season. I was taking Vicodin twice a game just to get through the game,” Johnson said. “I stayed hurt the whole season, probably because I was trying to come back too soon. But I’m not going to be the kind of guy who’s going to say, ‘I can’t do this or this because I’m hurt.’ ”

Vicodin is the same painkiller that former Packer quarterback, Brett Favre, became addicted to early in his career.



March 16, 2008


The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again. Yet, expecting different results.

With that in mind, Detroit Lions quarterback, Jon Kitna IS INSANE. Speaking to the Detroit Free Press over the weekend, Kita AGAIN says that he’d be disappointed with anything less than 10 victories next season. Among other things, he points to the return of running back Tatum Bell in support of a belief that the Lions will be improved in 2008.

That’s the same unfortunate prediction Kitna made LAST YEAR.

The Lions started last season 6-2 before losing seven of their last eight games to finish with yet another losing season at 7-9.


Under the inspired leadership of doughy General Manager, Matt Millen, the Lions have now had seven losing seasons in a row.