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April 27, 2008


With the NFL Draft steaming along in full gear, there’s a story out today about how the various quarterback prospects scored on their Wonderlic tests. The Wonderlic is the “intelligence” test the National Football League administers to all incoming rookies. A guy named Mac Mirabile compiles the scores every year. He has a list of the Wonderlic scores of all the college quarterback prospects for the last 10 years.

Louisville quarterback Brian Brohm led this year’s crop of quarterbacks with a Wonderlic score of 32, Dennis Dixon of Oregon was second with a 29. Boston College QB Matt Ryan (the third pick in the draft) had a 28.

John David Booty parlayed his USC education into a tie for the worst Wonderlic score for a quarterback this year-14.

Former Nebraska and Arizona State quarterback, Sam Keller, finished in the top 10 in Wonderlic scores.

We already knew Keller was smart based on pictures of his INCREDIBLY HOT GIRLFRIEND:

Busted Coverage was the first site with pictures of Keller’s girlfriend. Now, she’s all over the internet.


Obviously, scouting is an inexact science and the Wonderlic is just a part of how the NFL measures prospects. Having a high Wonderlic score means nothing for incoming quarterbacks. Hall-of-Famers Terry Bradshaw and Dan Marino both had ridiculously low Wonderlic scores and BEING STUPID certainly hasn’t slowed either one of them down. Even in their POST NFL careers.

Meanwhile, Sam Keller may not even get drafted. Besides, it’s not like Booty is hurting in the chick department.

Even though Booty’s a moron, chicks still dig him!



April 24, 2008


Busted Coverage has this photo of an Ohio State fan dressing his child in an “Ann Arbor Is A Whore” t-shirt for Spring Football in Columbus.


April 21, 2008


April 9, 2008


For several years the Downtown Athletic Club has given out the “Butkus Award” in honor of the nation’s top college linebacker. Now, former Chicago Bears linebacker, Dick Butkus, has won a lawsuit preventing college football from using his name for the award.

In fact, a federal court in California ruled the Downtown Athletic Club may actually owe Butkus damages.


April 9, 2008




Record-setting Hawaii quarterback, Colt Brennan, had already seen his stock plunge in the upcoming NFL draft. Now, details of a criminal incident while he attended Colorado may have dropped him even further down most teams draft charts.

Veteran NFL writer, Jerry Magee, of the San Diego Union Tribune summarized the arrest records of several NFL prospects. Here’s what he wrote about Brennan:


QB Colt Brennan, Hawaii – In February 2004, then attending Colorado, he was arrested on felony burglary and trespassing charges and misdemeanor sexual assault and indecent exposure charges after allegedly walking uninvited into a female student’s dorm room and sexually assaulting her. Brennan pleaded not guilty but was convicted on both counts and sentenced to seven days in jail, 60 hours of community service and four years’ probation. He was dismissed by Colorado.


April 4, 2008


The football Sports Information Director at the University of Miami has been fired after authorities found Child Pornography on his university issued computer. Details of the firing are in the Palm Beach Post.

Rick Korch, 52, was with the University of Miami from 2004 through last month.

A police spokesman declined Wednesday to comment, but Korch’s attorney issued a statement.

Rick Korch was terminated at the University of Miami due to inappropriate pornography on his work computer,” attorney William Barzee said.

“However, he is innocent of any criminal wrongdoing and looks forward to having the opportunity to clear his name in the appropriate forum at the appropriate time.”

Korch had complained to the university that his computer was running slowly. The U sent a computer technician who reported finding sexually explicit material after logging onto the computer using Korch’s university provided user name and password.

The technician reportedly found a video of a man having sex with a “prepubescent female” and images revealing “scantily clad females who appeared to be between the ages of 10 and 15 years old in sexual-type poses.”

Under a folder titled “Season Recaps,” university technicians found other images of children engaged in sexual conduct, According to police, one child was estimated to be between 6 and 8 years old.

Korch had worked with the NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars and Miami Dolphins before joining the University of Miami.


April 4, 2008


Penn State “Ballhandler” Stanley Pringle

Not one, but TWO college athletes have been arrested in the past two days for masturbating in public.

First, Penn State point guard, Stanley Pringle, was charged following an incident at the school library.

Police said Pringle, the team’s point guard, sat behind the victim in the stacks section of the library, attempted to start a conversation with the woman and began masturbating. Police have filed charges of public lewdness and disorderly conduct against him in connection to the incident, but Centre County District Judge Jonathan Grine, who is out of the office, was unable to sign the criminal complaint as of 2 p.m. today. Without the signed complaint, Pringle cannot be formally arrested.


Spencer Ridenhour

Now U-Mass defensive back, Spencer Ridenhour, has been arrested for lewd conduct. Police claim Ridenhour’s “lewd act” was a drive-by incident.

In what could be the police quote of the year, a spokesperson said,

“She got a very good description of him, and the model and make of the car. He was masturbating while driving. I imagine he was driving very slowly.”


March 28, 2008


Oh, so THAT’S how Clemson’s football team finished in the top five in the nation in recruiting.

Questions have arisen since this picture appeared on the MySpace page of Clemson star football recruit, Ken Page.