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April 13, 2008


Bobby Clampett

My position on golf has always been I like the sport but generally DESPISE the people associated with it. In general, the sport has been associated with decades (if not centuries) of segregation, racism, sexism and elitism.

Golf’s answer to diversity has always been a guy like Phil Mickelson. He’s left-handed.

White golfers are so ingrained into racist thinking and attitudes that they often make off-handed comments under the guise of “humor” that % 99 of us would find offensive.

The most recent example of this happened during this week’s coverage of the Master’s. Following in the proud footsteps of Fuzzy Zoeller, CBS broadcaster, Bobby Clampett,  used the phrase “Chinaman” in referring to golfer, Liang Wen-Chong.

Clampett has since apologized for the slur. His comments follow Kelly Tilghman’s tirade on the Golf Channel where she observed if young players want to beat Tiger Woods they should “lynch him in a back alley.” Tilghman was suspended briefly for the remark but is already back to work.

Certainly a sport with the racial history of the PGA should be more selective in its announcers and not tolerate such outbursts.

AOL Fanhouse makes a great point,

CBS announcer Jim Nantz frequently talks about how much classier golf in general and Augusta National in particular are than other sports and other venues, and Nantz has even criticized Woods for cursing on the course. How does he feel about one of his colleagues using a slur?