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August 20, 2008


THE LEGEND: ANDREW GAZE ran a story earlier today in which they referred to “legendary” basketball player Andrew Gaze. I would happily link you to the artice but it has been removed from the Foxsports website. Gaze talked about what a huge Olympic moment it would be if the Aussies beat Team USA.  I don’t know if the article was pulled because the U.S. kicked Australia’s ass or if it was because somebody used “Andrew Gaze” and “legend” in the same sentence.

Gaze was an okay player at Seton Hall. He played parts of two seasons in the NBA with Washington and San Antonio averaging 1.7 points per game in 26 career NBA games. Even if he was one of the “greatest” players in the history of Australia, that puts him on par with Shane Heal and Chris Anstey.

Either way he’s no Luc Longley. And how much of a “legend” was he?