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April 9, 2008



Last week the website had pictures of Arizona Cardinals quarterback, Matt Leinart, boozing it up with a group of underage girls.

Like a host of other blogs, we dutifully ran the pictures.

Now the same site has pictures of another NFL quarterback sucking face with girls in Mexico.

San Francisco 49ers former number one pick, Alex Smith, appears intoxicated in the pictures.  The Los Angeles Times BLASTED in a recent article, calling them “a new low for gossip sites.”

Here they have a picture of Smith drinking more tequila than any University of Utah grad I ever met:


The trend by many internet sites is to run “candid” pictures of famous athletes partying, drinking or chasing women.

Some recent examples include:

Kyle Orton:


Greg Oden:



     Eli Manning:



and even Jimmy Johnson:


Here’s Derek Jeter supposedly “passed out” in a chair:


Here’s a drunk Steve Nash showing off his chest hair:



This is “the Giambino,” Jason Giambi signing a girl’s boob:


The last known pass Brady Quinn threw in 2007:

And I guess Mark Cuban shouldn’t have talked crap about all those bloggers:

Here’s Tennessee basketball coach, Bruce Pearl (oh wait, he’s actually SOBER in this picture):

As these pictures show, in an era of cell phone cameras and instant communication, athletes must assume they are on camera 24/7.