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May 15, 2008

Pink Is The New Blog has pictures today of two of the music industry’s biggest drug fiends kissing. Amy Winehouse and Pete Doherty making out. It boggles the mind!


May 14, 2008


Actor Tom Sizemore made his return to television this week appearing on CSI: Miami. Sizemore is one of the biggest drug addicts in Hollywood history. He was released from prison in December after being jailed for probation violation and meth charges.

Sizemore was also involved in a long term relationship with Hollywood Madam Heidi Fleiss (who he was accused of assaulting.)

Sizemore’s drug problems and run-ins with the law are too numerous to list here. Here’s a sample from his Wikipedia page:

Sizemore had other infamous, well-publicized run-ins with the law. He was caught using a fake penis sewn into his boxer shorts and filled with a clean urine sample kept warm by a heating pack to manipulate his drug test results.[6] The temperature of the urine sample proved too cool to have come from his body, and he was asked to remove his pants. Sizemore had been caught once before trying to use a similar device, sold over the Internet under the brand name the “Whizzinator”, and had failed drug tests on at least five occasions. Sizemore failed two drug tests in the days following the fake penis incident, showing he had methamphetamines in his system.

On May 8, 2007, while still on probation for a previous drug conviction, Sizemore was again arrested outside the Four Points Sheraton hotel in Bakersfield, California.[7] Police found what appeared to be two bags of methamphetamine and three meth pipes in his 2004 Ford Mustang. Police were called after paroled dealer Jason Salcido challenged a hotel employee to a fight after being refused check-in. Police found a meth pipe on Salcido and found Sizemore waiting in his car outside the hotel. On June 25 he was sentenced to 16 months in prison,sentenced after reduced to 9 months in prison. He was released early on December 10after being awarded 213 days’ credit for time already spent behind bars and in court-imposed rehabilitation.

Not only is Sizemore the most famous person ever caught using The Whizzinator, but he’s probably the biggest name actor ever to appear on a sex tape.

Sizemore’s most famous movie role was probably as Tom Hanks’ loyal sergeant in Saving Private Ryan.


May 14, 2008


There was a sad story story in the LA Times today.

Former Major League pitcher Dock Ellis is gravely ill and has been placed on the national registry for a liver transplant. Ellis says he discovered he had  cirrhosis of the liver the day after Thanksgiving. Doctors fear without a new liver Dock Ellis will soon be dead.

Ellis, now 63 and living in California, was one of baseball’s most colorful characters during the 70’s. He famously was disciplined by Pittsburgh Pirates manager Danny Murtaugh in 1973 for wearing hair curlers on the field.

In May of 1974 Ellis vowed to bean every batter in the Cincinnati Reds lineup to start the game. Ellis hit Pete Rose, Joe Morgan and Dan Driessen with pitches. He attempted to hit Reds cleanup hitter Tony Perez on every pitch but missed. Ellis then threw two straight pitches at Johnny Bench before Murtaugh pulled him from the game.

Ellis was the National League’s starting pitcher for the 1971 All Star Game. He won 19 games for the World Champion Pittsburgh Pirates that season and lobbied for the start. Ellis wanted to face American League starter Vida Blue. That marked the first time two African American pitchers started in the All Star Game. During the game Reggie Jackson hit a monster home run. In apparent retaliation, Ellis beaned Jackson in the face.

Ellis was also the first major professional athlete to be maced. The incident happened in 1972 at Cincinnati’s Riverfront Stadium. A security guard barred Ellis from entering through the players entrance after the pitcher tried to use his World Series ring as a form of identification. It probably didn’t help Ellis that he was carrying a half-empty bottle of cheap wine at the time. An altercation ensued and the security guard maced him. Ellis cried racism. The security guard said he simply didn’t recognize him.

Of course, Ellis is most famous for being high on LSD while he pitched a no-hitter for the Pittsburgh Pirates against the San Diego Padres on June 12, 1970. Ellis later claimed he was so high during the game that he couldn’t see the catcher or the batters during the game. Catcher Jerry May had to use orange reflective tape on his glove so Ellis could see the plate. Despite throwing a no-hitter and shutting out the Padres, Ellis walked eight batters in the game.

Ellis has been clean and sober since 1980. In recent years he has worked as a drug counselor.

Ellis’ book Dock Ellis in the Country of Baseball (authored by future U.S. Poet Laureate Donald Hall) is one of the most thoughtful sports biographies ever written and is still a good read 30 years after its publication.


May 8, 2008


The Sun has the story today that singer Amy Winehouse has been arrested in England on drug possession charges. The arrest follows The Sun releasing a video of Winehouse smoking crack (above) and snorting cocaine and powdered ecstasy on tape. Reuters says Winehouse was held in jail overnight.

In March, London police arrested a 34-year-old man who is reported to be Winehouse’s drug dealer. The Sun says the man taped his celebrity clients using drugs (thus the Winehouse video) then blackmailed them. 



April 23, 2008


Here’s another picture of singer Amy Winehouse looking like HELL!

Coincidentally, Winehouse was named Britain’s Top Role Model today in a poll by British school children. Winehouse was voted the ‘ultimate heroine’ by British youths. The “Rehab” singer, whose private life has become tabloid fodder in the last 12 months because of her alleged drug and drinking problems, topped the new poll.

Number two in the poll was another major drug user, UK rocker, Pete Doherty.


April 23, 2008



Last year Americans spent more money on their pets than on their children. Therefore, it was only a matter of time until the pharmaceutical industry tapped into this:

A drug for overweight dogs.

Slentrol, a diet drug for dogs, recently launched a new ad campaign. (see above youtube video)

Gawker also interviewed a pet “personal trainer” who says, the key to a pet’s weight loss is the right kind of exercise-like DOGGIE PILATES:

“What I tell every single owner is that the key to rehab and longevity is the right kind of exercise,” the founder of a wellness and weight loss clinic for dogs, Jessica Waldman, said. “The wrong kind of exercise is uncontrolled play.” Fetching and frolicking — that kind of uncontrolled play? Isn’t that exactly what most dogs need more of? “Oh no. No, no,” Ms. Waldman, a vet, said. She has her canine clients running obstacle courses and jogging on an underwater treadmill. And then there’s pooch Pilates — formerly known as “begging.”

“When you teach a dog to beg, meaning you ask them to sit up, that’s core abdominals,” Ms. Waldman said. To further strengthen and tone, “We teach them how to go into sort of a ‘down dog,’ where their head is down toward the ground but their rear legs are up high.”


April 22, 2008


MSNBC has the story about a disturbing new trend by drug dealers in California. They are flavoring their cocaine TO TASTE LIKE CANDY. Federal drug officials are quoted in the story as saying they hope to stop the trend from spreading to other parts of the country.

MSNBC says drug rings have occasionally mixed candy flavoring with powder cocaine but this new drug is much more sophisticated. It is FULL STRENGTH POWDER INTO WHICH STRAWBERRY, COCONUT, LEMON AND CINNAMON FLAVORING HAVE BEEN CHEMICALLY SYNTHESIZED.

The DEA says flavoring the cocaine is a “marketing technique” used by drug dealers to make the cocaine more attractive to teenagers and young children. Says one DEA official,

Attempting to lure new, younger customers to a dangerous drug by adding candy flavors is an unconscionable marketing technique.”

It’s also thought that the candy flavoring would help drug sales with the female demographic.

And you thought Joe Camel was bad!



April 21, 2008


A group of 10,000 people collectively lit up to celebrate 4/20 at the University of Colorado yesterday.


April 20, 2008


Today is April 20th- 4/20. It’s the unofficial holiday of pot smokers everywhere.

There are a multitude of theories on the origin of the term “4:20.” The most popular is a group of teenagers at San Rafael High School in California during the 70’s would meet every day at a statue of Louis Pasteur. At 4:20 p.m. every day they would light up and smoke marijuana at that location. Another theory is that 4:20 refers to a California Criminal Code on marijuana use.

In any event, 4/20 is becoming more and more of an OFFICIAL holiday in some areas.

This is the crowd that gathered in Santa Cruz, California last year to celebrate 4/20 and smoke marijuana.


This year’s crowd is predicted to be even bigger. In Santa Cruz (and a lot of other American cities) 4/20 has evolved into a counterculture holiday where people gather to consume and celebrate marijuana.

There’s even an official movie of 4/20. It’s called “Super High Me.”

There are 1349 different screenings of the movie “Super High Me” going on today throughout America. There’s undoubtedly a location where the movie is showing in your area.



April 1, 2008


Rolling Stones guitarist, Keith Richard, may be off the hard drugs, but he still enjoys his marijuana. In a recent interview, Richards says,

“I smoke my head off. I smoke weed all the damn time. “


Richards also criticized politicians who have banned smoking in public spaces in Britain, Ireland, California and New York.

“This worldwide smoking ban is draconian, socially, politically-correct bullshit. They’ll get over it. It’s like Prohibition – they tried to stop booze once. Ha! Look what happened. It ruined America.”