ESPN recently debuted their new live morning Sportscenter program. The Worldwide Leader now airs six additional hours a day of live news in addition to their previous editions of Sportscenter, 24 hours a day of ESPN News and the continuation of the pathetic First Take (the show formerly known as Cold Pizza.)

Unfortunately, quantity has not yet translated into quality for the new Sportscenter. Despite an army of sportswriters and ex-athletes to serve as analysts, ESPN has been beaten again and again on stories recently. Jay Glazer of Foxsports beat ALL of ESPN’s horde of reporters covering the Brett Favre saga when he was traded to the Jets. ESPN hasn’t broken a story this entire week on their new show. And God knows they should have.

The network continues to get scooped and often in embarrassing fashion. Take the latest two examples of absolute ineptitude. First, Sportscenter led this week with an “exclusive” interview with Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad Johnson. During the interview Johnson hinted that he had a “big announcement” coming. Despite Johnson’s nonstop talking, ESPN wasn’t able to discover what that announcement was. A blog broke the story that Johnson was officially changing his name to “Ocho Cinco.”



A full TWO DAYS after the Chad Johnson interview, Sportcenter was still running clips of the moronic Mr. Cinco saying he could swim faster than Michael Phelps. Yet, they haven’t yet figured out the Ocho Cinco name change story which is all over the internet.

Far, far more embarrassing was the performance of Damon Jones on Wednesday’s edition of First Take. The Cleveland Cavaliers guard was filling in for host Jay Crawford. It’s bad enough that Jones was humiliated time and again by effeminate, screaming maniac Skip Bayless. Jones’ only responses to Bayless’ typical idiotic tirades seemed to consist of, “Oh, yeah?” That was bound to happen since Damon Jones has never done television before.

An especially awkward moment for Jones came when he proclaimed Dallas Cowboys receiver Terrell Owens as his “best friend.” Bayless berated Jones about what a loser T.O. is. The two went back and forth until Bayless finally pointed that if Owens was such a “great guy” why do respected coaches coaches like Steve Mariucci, Andy Reid and Bill Parcells HATE HIS GUTS? Jones’ response was priceless. The usually loquacious “World’s Greatest Shooter” literally sat there in silence for a full 20 seconds. He had nothing.

However, one of the most embarrassing moments in television history occured later in the show. Through an act of amazing cosmic coincidence Damon Jones was actually traded by the Cleveland Cavaliers WHILE HE WAS DOING THE SHOW. Hey, it happens. What makes the Jones trade embarrassing beyond belief is that ESPN got beat on that story too. Yes, ESPN was actually scooped on the trade of one of their own hosts!

It doesn’t get any worse than that.


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One Response to “ESPN BLOWS”

  1. bobby Says:

    traded DURING the show??
    where’s the video on that??
    “hey damon, hate to tell you but you’ve just been traded”
    (close-up of teary eyes)

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