From the New York Post Page Six via SPORTSbyBROOKS:

Dallas Mavericks guard Jason Kidd probably gets more celebrity trim than any other member of the Redeem Team. He has not only dated but impregnated his share of supermodels.

Kidd though has reportedly dumped his latest squeeze, Danish supermodel May Anderson. The best part of the story is that Page Six actually BRAGS about breaking the couple up. Apparently Kidd was pissed that while he’s off half way around the world serving God and country playing for the U.S. Olympic basketball team, his chick was sneaking out at night being a hobag.

The last straw apparently came when Anderson was written up in the Post for partyng with Lindsay Lohan (who she was apparently making out with.)

Look, I know Jason Kidd is getting up there in years, but C’MON! If your biggest complaint with your blazing hot supermodel girlfriend is she likes sex too much and can’t stop drinking and making out with other hot chicks then I really can’t feel that sorry for you.

Jason Kidd is a weenie! (Either that or he’s GAY!)

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