The website has the details of a black soccer player from Jerusalem named Derek Boateng being taunted by Israeli fans. It may be the most racist sports video you’ve ever seen.

Fans shower Boateng with chants of “Derek Boateng is a monkey” and “Derek Boateng is a son of a bitch.” There was also reportedly liberal use of the N-word and the fans are constantly making monkey noises. 

The abuse is so bad that they actually stop play in the game.

The entire episode makes for a strangely fascinating read. For the full details of the story click:    HERE

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  1. attendingtheworld Says:

    Hmm.. Israelis racist? No Way!

    Actually, I am not surprised at all. This is a country that insists on the majority of its citizens maintaining a minimum 70% Israeli to 30% Palestinians as reported by Israeli media. And Haaretz also described “themselves” as a country that had become racist. The article talked about racism towards Palestinian Arabs. Israeli racism is further proven in the treatment of Eastern Jews vs. Western Jews: Eastern, being from Arab countries, Ethiopia and the region, while the Western Jews – Europe and the U.S. are favored! Hurray for the “only democracy” in the Middle East! (Snicker)


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