Nevada prison officials recently made a decision that is expected to save the state millions of dollars. They have banned manual typewriters. Don’t laugh. This is actually a stroke of genius by the state.

According to an article in today’s Las Vegas Review Journal, for decades Nevada prisoners (with plenty of free time on their hands) have been busy pecking out a barrage of lawsuits against the state. The inmates use state-issued prison typewriters to write their own legal briefs. They then flood the courts with these briefs forcing the state and prison officials to spend millions of dollars to respond. These are often frivolous nuisance suits. No more.

Nevada has confiscated every prison typewriter in the entire state. How is that legal? Easy. The state’s prison officials did it for “safety” reasons. They say there are parts of a typewriter that can be used as a weapon. They even issued a memo describing the typewriter parts that are particularly dangerous. The state also cited two example of prisoner violence involving typewriters.

Hey, times are tough economically in Nevada. This is one example of a government memo that may have actually SAVED money. Naturally, the ACLU is going insane over the decision. They have filed a lawsuit of their own in the case.

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