Enraged protestors are calling for a boycott of the movie Tropic Thunder. And we’re not even talking about African American groups who might be upset about Robert Downey Jr. appearing in blackface in the movie. I’m sure that protest is coming next but the current controversy with the film involves Special Olympics.

Not only is the chairman of the Special Olympics program calling for a boycott of the movie but he is actually going to petition congress to get the movie labeled as “hate speech.” Why? Because a character in the movie uses the word “retard.”

Tropic Thunder is a comedy. The soon-to-be-released flick brutally satirizes a number of Hollywood topics and uses PARODY as a tool. Ben Stiller’s character plays a vain, self-absorbed actor. In the movie, Stiller’s character receives an Academy Award nomination for playing a “special needs” person in a fictitious movie called “Simple Jack.” Yet, Stiller’s character constantly refers to the mentally challenged as “retards.” It’s a joke. In fact, it’s meant to show actors as the real “retards.” Special interest groups aren’t laughing though.

The next target of outrage in the movie is likely to be Tom Cruise. Cruise plays an over the top character who’s supposedly the “most offensive Jewish stereotyoe ever.” Great move for the career-imploding Cruise who played a NAZI in his last movie. That effort was such a disaster that Cruise is still trying to get the movie to even be released.



Cruise is literally playing a parody of himself in Tropic Thunder (although he’s too dimwitted to realize it.)Some might think getting the waspish, Nazi-touting Cruise to play a Jewish stereotype is FUNNY. Not the politically correct crowd in Hollywood though. I would be touting Tropic Thunder as a groundbreaking comedy that’s following in the footsteps of Blazing Saddles. Unfortunately, you can already see the studio (Dreamworks) starting to cave in its support of the film. The movie’s website has already been disabled. (Oops! Can I use that term?)

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