According to a report in Us Magazine, Oprah Winfrey make $350 million a year.


3 Responses to “HOW MUCH DOES OPRAH MAKE ?”

  1. mrogi Says:

    If Oprah continues to work really hard, in another 100 years she will be worth half as much as Bill Gates.

  2. janasly Says:

    But it not about “worth” it’s about what they are able to give away.
    Oprah gave away over $50,000,000 last year.

    How does that stack up proportionately to what Gates earns and gives away?????

  3. bb Says:

    it doesnt matter how much she is worth she makes alot of money and built a school in africa for unfortunate girls who dont have very much when was the last time you heard about bill gates giving that much money to unfortunate people.

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