Air travel in this country has become a joke. The service and the way major airlines treat their customers has become intolerable.

Delta has crossed the line. It’s not just that the airline recently raised their rate for a second checked bag to $50. Hell, almost all of the major airlines (except Southwest) gouge travelers. It’s not even that Delta now charges $175 to check a pair of skis.

No, it’s now official. Delta Airlines is evil. Don’t believe me? Check out this recent travel horror story:

The complete details are at, but basically a woman with with muscular dystrophy was forced to crawl out of a plane, after Delta staff informed her she might make her connecting flight if she just stopped waiting for help. The woman was forced to wait while she was repeatedly told “it’s not my job” to assist her to her next gate. She ended up waiting EIGHT HOURS for help.

Delta gave the woman a food voucher for her inconvenience. However, the woman was unable to use it since nobody at Delta would assist her (apparently it’s “not their job.”)


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