Veteran radio announcer Warner Wolf has been dropped from doing weekday updates by ESPN 1050 in New York. Wolf had been doing sports updates for both ESPN and Don Imus on WABC.

In his blog “Watchdog,” Newsday’s Neil Best says Wolf was given a choice by ESPN 1050 management. Pick one job. ESPN made their decision after Imus made critical “personal” comments about ESPN Radio national hosts “Mike and Mike.” Wolf chose to remain loyal to his primary meal ticket – Imus.

It’s hard to believe Wolf is still working. He’s 71-years-old and has been doing local television in New York (WABC and WCBS) and Washington D.C. since the early ’60s. Unfortunately he was NEVER any good. He is so old that his catchphrase is “Let’s go to the videotape.” That’s right, they didn’t HAVE videotape when Warner Wolf started his tv career.

Wolf’s career peeked in the mid ’70s when he was named to the Monday Night Baseball crew. He was bad at that too.

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  1. pgreg Says:

    Imus and Wolf, two old white guys. They must be racists.

  2. Clay Vegas Says:

    What color is Warner Wolf?

  3. Ron Coleman Says:

    Actually Warner Wolf has personality and encyclopedic knowledge, even if he is a little long in the tooth. I’d take him over almost all these generic 30-something ESPN automatons. But what’d he say about Mike and Mike?

  4. Caroline Jenkins Says:

    I can’t let you get by with saying Warner’s not good. I didn’t listen to him until ten years or so ago when I started watching Imus on MSNBC, but Warner Wolf is a wonderful addition to the Imus show and I enjoy very much his sports segments. When the new Imus show came on RFD-TV I was pleased that Warner is part of it.

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