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  1. gabby Says:

    i think this is awlful and should not be published i thinks its giving our kids the wrong idea on life god intended for women to give birth not man it is very disturbing!!!!! WE ALSO NEED TO THINK ABOUT THIS LILTTLE GIRL THAT HAS TO GROW UP TO REALIZE THAT SHE HAS NO MOMMY !!! REALLY!!! HOW DO YOU THINK IT IS GONNA EFFECT HER IN SCHOOL?? AND FOR THE REST OF HER LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IF YOU WANTED TO BE KNOWN FOR SOMETHING BY EVERYONE YOU COULD OF CHOSEN ANOTHER PATH THAT WOULD ONLY DESTORY YOUR LIFE NOT THE LIFE OF ANOTHER!!!! GOSH!!!!!!!

  2. alfougin tabardy Says:

    What a queer

  3. jaelea331 Says:

    Cute baby…ugly situation. I’m not so sure they thought they completely through. What it’s gonna be like for her as she grows up, but then again it is getting more common to have 2 mommies or 2 daddies, so maybe this is the next thing. Soon we won’t see it as something out of the norm. I still and always will think it’s wrong, very wrong. Selfish, and really gross.

  4. Julie Says:

    Hi Friends,
    I think this is a courageous act of love for one another. I admire you. I have never considered the idea of being pregnant and always wanted to adopt but it is so expensive. My girlfriend has been encouraging me to have a baby, we can not afford to buy the sperm, is there another way we can do this with out having to have sex with a man?

  5. Dayana Says:

    great research bro

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