According to Yahoo! Sports, Atlanta Hawks free agent forward Josh Childress is considering a $20 million offer from the Greek basketball league team Olympiakos. Childress flew to Greece on Sunday.

Yahoo! notes a growing trend of NBA free agents to take big money contracts and play overseas. Already this offseason Juan Carlos Navarro elected to sign with a European team rather than return to the NBA.

Experts say with the strength of the Euro versus the dollar and because foreign teams are willing to pay players entire tax bills, a $20 million offer by a European team may be the equivalent of a $50 million NBA offer.

Meanwhile, The Bergen Record says New Jersey Nets free agent forward Bostjan Nachbar has agreed to a $14.3 million contract with Dynamo Moscow, a Russian league team. In an interview with ESPN today, Nachbar said NBA teams needed to “be careful” because European teams were offering players a lot of money. Carlos Delfino of Toronto also signed with a Russian team this summer. The Yahoo! Sports article says Russian billionaires investing in European league teams is one reason for the escalating salaries.

Luol Deng of the Chicago Bulls may be the next to go. The young forward today issued the Bulls a contract ultimatum.

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  1. Julien Says:

    Yeah, that coulb be a new trend. After all, the NBA is used to hire some of the best euro ballers, so why euro teams wouldn’t pick some good american players? In the past, we were used to see NBA veterans finishing their career in Europe, but Childress is still in his prime!

  2. Mac G Says:

    George Bush’s awful weak dollar policies strike again!

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