The Major League Baseball Channel is set to debut in January 2009. While the NFL Network and NBA TV have struggled mightily to get onto cable systems, MLB TV will START in over 50 million households. That’s almost more than the NFL and NBA channels COMBINED.

Comcast, Cablevision and Time-Warner will all carry the Baseball Channel from the start. The NFL Network still can’t accomplish that despite being around for years and carrying live NFL games. Direct TV is also going to carry the Baseball Channel on its basic package.

MLB Channel is already more successful than the NFL Network even though they haven’t hired any announcers yet or announced any programming and currently have only 10 employees.

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  1. William Says:

    I think the baseball channel will be a huge success and im happy satellite and cable companies such as direct tv and comcast and time warner will be carrying it.It will be great for baseball’s future when major league baseball goes global and invites the greatest players from different countries to play in a 162 game schedule for there country inside the united states instead of a tournament every four years.I can see the divisions lineup now the far east division could be Japan,Taiwan,South Korea,Chineese Tai Pai. The European division could be Italy,Netherlands,Ausralia,Germany.The Far South east division could be Spain,China,South Africa,Caracao.The Latin American division Cuba,Puerto Rico,Venezuela Dominican Republic,Mexico,Panama.American West Division SF Bay Area team-A’s & Giants-homegames- Oakland &SanFransisco,Los Angeles Team-Dodgers&Angels-home games-Dodgers & Angels stadiums,Seattle,San Diego,Arizona,Colorado.American Central Division 1 Texas,Houston,Chicago,Kansas City,Ohio-Reds&Indians-home games-Cincinnati&Cleveland,Detroit.American Central Division 2 Minnesota,St Louis,Milwaukee,Pittsburg.American East Division 1 New York Mets&Yankees-play in Yankee stadium home games,Brooklyn-play in shea stadium home games,Philadelphia,Boston,Atlanta.American East Division 2 Toronto,Florida,Baltimore,Washington,Tampa Bay.44 total teams to play 162 game schedule Bud Selig wake up this is your chance of a lifetime to make a global league happen and the greatest players world wide playing n americas major league ball parks you would go down as the greatest baseball comissioner in history if you made this league happen.A league like this would really help out baseball and the American economy people would go wild to see the out come of the games and who would be the very 1st world wide world series winner in history which countrys team would win the 1st true world wide world series watched on the new baseball channel.

  2. Mike Says:

    I don’t see it. In my market it’s right up there with NFL in the channell 400’s. “Basic Cable”? My ass. Maybe MLB and Comcast should get together and cover their lies.

  3. Nolan Miura Says:

    Wow , this is a great idea by MLB… but i do want to know one thing , Is this a BOSTON based network ??? What gives with all the redsox crap ? ENOUGH already , each time i tune in , what do i get… redsox’s this , redsox’s that. Red sox world series moments , redsox great moments … Im a Yankee fan , and frankly , i get tired of the yankee stuff too , give me some 60’s world series games , some early 70’s games , enough of the amazing red sox !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Don Peters Says:

    It DOES exist now, I love it – DON’T LOVE THE CLOSED CAPTION that appears as folks are speaking – very, very annoying, why can’t we CLOSE THAT CAPTION? I get it if I’m in a gym, on a treadmill, and can’t hear to speech – but why do we need it at home – I’m saying that IF I WANTED TO BE READING, I’D BE READING… Don Peters

  5. Randy Bloom Says:

    I’m very very impressed with your new network. Do you have a schedule for what games on each day that you will be covering live for both exhibition and regular season.


  6. Nancy Plascencia Says:

    We provide Daily MLB and NBA Premium Picks for THE CHEAPEST PRICE!!! Click on me now!!!

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