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  1. Clay Vegas Says:

    Everytime that idiot Twat, Hasselbeck, opens her mouth it makes me cry. Did anyone see the movie, Crash? Go Fuck Yourself. We all live in the same world? Since when did you ever have to go out and work a real job in the same world as I? Fact is, you never have. Fact is, you need to use the crutch of a popular movie to explain the confusing emotions you’re blubbering over. Thanks for crying, Elisa, you really portrayed sensativity to all the civil rights workers buried in the ground. Fine, no one can ever say the word Nigger again because it makes you cry…just don’t try to fool us with your “common ground” — your world and mine aren’t the same.

    For once, I agreed with Barb Walters when she used her above-average, social skills — take a breath and let someone else talk. Elisabeth, shut the fuck up….and Pig, dammit, stop watching the view! I can’t enjoy a simple breakfast anymore without a tirade over some vaccuous C….and now you know the rest of the story, good day

  2. Dei Wong Says:

    I agree with Clay. The fact that she mentioned the movie Crash in her reasoning is Hillarious as it is frightening. Sad thing is I highly doubt she knows any black people. I don’t mean you see a person at the shop and you walk by and say hi or you happen to know that persons name. I mean really know that person like a friend. She even tried insane as it sounds to compare her life situations to Black people use of the N word. Her examples were silly one could even say they were stupid. “My parents never said things like this or that” fact is both her parents are white. She has no idea what she is talking about because it painfully obvious anything about Black people.

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