Like a lot of old people, Jack Nicklaus wants those young whipper snappers off his lawn. Except, in Nicklaus’ case, his lawn is the British Open.

At a press conference today, the 68-year-old Nicklaus questioned whether today’s players have too much money and not enough desire.

What an ass! That’s typical old-guy speak. Things were better back in the day (you know, when golf clubs were segregated.) Nicklaus has made ridiculous comments in the past. Some of them regarding Tiger Woods when he first came up were borderline racist. Fortunately this time his comments aren’t hateful. Just ignorant.

It’s hilarious that Nicklaus would question whether golfers today have too lavish of a life style. Of course Nicklaus made his comments after flying to the British Open on HIS OWN PRIVATE JET. The toughest decisions he’s had to make this week were how many olives to put in his martini and whether to be driven to the British Open in the Rolls or the Bentley. Nicklaus was only at the British Open to represent the ROYAL BANK who he has a multi-million dollar endorsement deal with.

It’s particularly nonsensical that Nicklaus would question whether excessive money kills the competitive drive of golfers. After all, he and Arnold Palmer have lived like sultans and made hundreds of millions of dollars in endorsements. I wonder if Nicklaus would use his logic on Palmer who coasted for decades stealing endorsement money on tour while not being a viable or competitive golfer?

Maybe he forgot. I guess Jack Nicklaus is just getting old.

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3 Responses to “SHUT UP OLD MAN!”

  1. pgreg Says:

    So, anyone older than you who has an opinion that differs from yours is automatically a “get off my yard kids” old man. You use this theme often. You also play the race card way more often than is warranted. This continuous old guy, racist, sexist rant is tiring and it makes you sound even more crotchetty than the old dudes you are attempting to denigrate.
    It seems that you would like old guys to just shut up. Unless, of course, they happen to see things exactly the way you do.

  2. vegascabbie Says:

    what does Palmer have to do with it, Pig?

  3. mrogi Says:

    When did Jack Nicklaus ever make a racist comment about Tiger Woods? I’d love to see quote.

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