The lawyers for alleged heterosexual Cleveland Browns quarterback Brady Quinn are scrambling. It turns out that Quinn’s shirtless photo has been used by a gay dating website without his knowledge. has the story that the website men4men has used Quinn’s likeness without his permission for months. Quinn’s legal team has sent the website a cease and desist ordering all the quarterback’s pictures removed from the site.

It’s hard to know just HOW Brady Quinn has come to be known as a gay icon. I mean, it’s not like he intentionally POSED for pictures that made him look gay.






Ok, so it IS like he posed for pictures that made him look gay.

Still, despite being a gay icon, Quinn was actually involved in a bit of gaybashing in January. Somebody called 9-1-1 after Quinn and some friends shouted insults outside a gay bar in Columbus. Quinn has continually had both his masculinity and sexuality called into question by numerous internet sites.


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  1. bobby Says:

    that’s an awful lot of pictures, piggy
    are you becoming obsessed in your old age??

  2. Derek Anderson Says:

    Brady u r a fag put a damn shirt on….but if u ned some comforting call (317) 625-5124

    yours truly
    BAckup Derek Anderson

  3. Ronald Regehr Says:

    I find this refreshing. I stumbled on this site while researching a bit and will surely visit back. I’m into dating, well, not litterally since I’m married, but rather in an accidemic sort of way. I find it a fastinating subject, and also enjoy reading what others have to say about it. I’ve never been a success myself, but I did find somebody.. on-line, the perfect somebody and am now happly married. For those still in the game, good luck too you. Umm.. sorry for rambling.. anyhow, I will check back often.

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