For nude photos of Ashley Harkleroad click:   HERE  , HERE,   HERE  HERE and HERE

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  1. cindybin Says:

    That is terrible you would promote pornography! This offends me as a woman. I can’t believe WordPress would allow these kinds of blogs. You men need to realize that this is wrong, that women who pose like this set us back 100 years. And what’s worse is that I have talked to WOMEN on the Internet who think nothing is wrong with posing for Playboy! That is terrible! I dd not go looking for this blog; all I did was sign in to check my own blog (which deals with weight loss) and right there in the featured stories thing was a headline about some woman on a Playboy cover. This just makes me so mad. Why would you POST this? Why would you give MORE publicity to this magazine? This sets a terrible example! I don’t know who that woman is, but I sure would like to sit down and try to talk some snse into her about what she did.

  2. bobby Says:

    little titties…she could use a trim, pubie-wise
    otherwise, not bad
    not great
    but not bad
    how you like me now??

  3. Showm Says:

    See Ashley Harleroad’s Playboy Pics here –

  4. kmckennan Says:

    She looked better when she was 15.

  5. Montro Says:

    good post man keep them coming…

    This is for CINDYBIN:

    now check out my blog:

  6. Rambo Says:

    Mike, link the pics here – they are HQ versions.

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