Columnist Ian O’Connor of the Bergen Record says baseball’s New York Yankees may soon be facing their own “Brett Favre situation.” According to O’Connor, “Brett Favre today is Derek Jeter tomorrow” – an aging superstar icon who will eventually have to be dumped by his current employer.

O’Connor also writes that the tough decision to let longtime Yankees outfielder Bernie Williams go would be a “walk in Monument Park” compared to a decision to dump Jeter, the longtime Yankee captain. Jeter is a ten-time All Star with four championship rings. He has two years (plus the rest of this season) remaining on a 10 year $189 million contract. 

The column quotes Yankees GM Brian Cashman as saying a decision on Jeter isn’t even “on my radar.” The column seems a bit of a stretch. Jeter currently makes $21,600,000 a year. His salary is the same next year and goes up $1 million in 2010. He is hitting .284 with 5 homers and 42 RBI. His slugging percentage is a miserable .395 and his range in the field has obviously declined. Further, if the season ended today the Yankees wouldn’t even make the playoffs. Jeter will be 36 at the end of his current contract. This is not a tough call at all. Jeter’s last day with the Yankees will be their last game of the 2010 season.

Nice attempt at creating drama and controversy by O’Connor though.

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