The Drudge Report is saying that Rush Limbaugh has signed a new $400 million contract that runs through 2016.



3 Responses to “RUSH LIMBAUGH GETS $400 MILLION”

  1. mrogi Says:

    Howard Stern signed a 5 year deal with Sirius Satellite Radio in 2006 for $850 million; including salary and bonues. I am no math whiz but I think 850 is more than 400.

  2. bobby Says:

    that’s still ridiculous for limbaugh
    he’s good at what he does but he’s gone downhill the past few years
    his present shows are sad compared to his first term clinton stuff
    unlike howard, who is still howard…even on satellite

  3. Paul Says:

    Rush is an entertainer… He has a show – called the Rush Limbaugh show. He’s not a politician. As an entertainer I watched him once. He was overbearing and boring. He still is. Just goes to show ya that boring people get lots of money. This really is a sick country. No values – – none at all!

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