The mantle has been passed. Denver Broncos wide receiver Brandon Marshall has taken up where Pacman Jones left off as the NFL’s unofficial one-man walking crime spree.

Marshall has been arrested three times in the past year. Then there was the whole I-slipped-on-a-McDonalds-wrapper incident.

A Denver Post investigation reveals Marshall should have been arrested on at least four other occassions. Police were summoned to Marshall’s residence three times on domestic violence calls. During each call Marshall’s girlfriend said he hit her. On all three occassions Denver police let Marshall go. He was not arrested on any of the three domestic violence calls.

A friend of Marshall’s girlfriend also told police that he once rammed into her car while the girlfriend was a passenger. Marshall then threw a rock at the car. Marshall wasn’t arrested in that incident, either.

Marshall HAS been arrested for theft and assaulting an officer among other charges. His own father says Marshall once pulled a gun on him.

The Denver Post article details 12 seperate incidents where Marshall has been in trouble with the law.

Marshall’s hand is still hurt after the “horseplay” incident that injured him this offseason. He was so concerned about it he joked with reporters about still not being able to “wipe my ass” during minicamp.


(For video of Marshall commenting on wiping his ass click: HERE)

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