What is it with Nevada governor Jim Gibbons and large breasted women in parking lots?

The Carson City newspaper ran pictures this weekend of Gibbons with a former Playboy Playmate. The Nevada Appeal says the pictures show “your governor embracing a woman in a dark parking lot.”

Nevada’s idiot-in-chief is currently going through a messy divorce. These aren’t even the first pictures of one of Gibbons’ mistresses. One of them he text messaged 867 times in six weeks (on his state phone.)


Despite being busted on camera by the leading paper in the state’s capitol, Gibbons claims he was just being a humanitarian. After waiting two days the governor came up with the following statement:



“She was upset, crying. She couldn’t get her breath. I put my arms around her.”

He told the Las Vegas Sun there was “nothing romantic” going on between he and Leslie Durant. Too bad. The former Leslie Sferrazza was once married to the mayor of Reno. The highlight of her porn career came when she appeared naked in the September 1989 issue of Playboy.


Durant’s resume also includes her stellar work appearing naked in this magazine:

Gibbons claims there was no romance with the playmate. Unfortunately, another blog previously had the story of Gibbons and Durant holding hands at the local IHOP. Complete with pictures.

We have written several articles about Gibbons being the worst governor in America for this blog. Others have done the same. called Gibbons a “moronic alcoholic waitress-assaulting sex criminal” (also a racist and “bribe taker.”) Today picks up on the “America’s Worst Governor” theme.

The piece is written by Ken Layne (who also wrote the Wonkette piece.) This time Layne calls Gibbons “pathetic,” “philandering,” “alcoholic,” “shameful,” “corrupt,” “paranoid,” “utterly ignorant,” “drunken,” “despised,” and an “insane doofus.”

A google search of “Jim Gibbons America’s Worst Governor” reveals 200,000 matches. And counting.

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  1. bobby Says:

    it’s not the first time he’s had an issue with a woman in a parking lot…or was that a parking garage??? a 300 million dollar surplus becomes a billion dollar deficet in three years and this guy makes headlines for banging a playmate…or not…who cares….what a fuckin world….

  2. george white Says:

    Your reporting is incorrect. Leslie (whatever) was never the playmate of the month as you state. She was only featured in a pictorial in that issue of Playboy. There are only 12 playmates of the month per year and as such if selected to be playmate of the month the girl is honered more highly and paid more as well. She never attained that status.

  3. Jon Edmondo Says:

    To Bobby,

    I’m not a fan of Governer Gibbons, but I will at least defend him on the budget shortfall. It is mostly due to a reduction in tax revenues. Nevada has no state income tax, so it is supported by sales taxes, taxes on mining, real estate taxes, taxes on casinos and gas purchases. Since the casinos are fairing poorly, real estate is in the dumps and people aren’t buying as much gas or shopping, Nevada is being hit by a huge reduction in tax revenue, which has created the deficit.

  4. Kay Says:

    The governor was spotted at the Kanye West concert in Reno in June. He was accompanying a blonde, must have been L. Sfer. Who knew he liked hip hop? Did anyone else see him there?

  5. solomon_n Says:

    hahahahah what a nice thing would happen at the dark light!!!

  6. Sam Says:

    Ok i seriously dont get this papartzzi and stuff seriously needs to stop, they dont know what really happend. and its his personal buisness. and now the first lady is trying to make him look bad. If that isnt obvious.

  7. Cathy Bermudez Says:

    There is no need for Dawn Gibbons to “try making the governor look bad.”
    It’s obvious he does a splendid job all by himself.
    And as for the almost BILLION dollar shortfall, Kenny Guinn left our treasury in fine shape. There is absolutely no reason to think that Nevada economy is Soooo bad that this is the result so soon into his governorship.
    There ought to be an audit to help explain the “short fall” to the citizens of Nevada. I am not a Republican, BUT I feel Kenny Guinn did a hell of a job and has more integrity than to leave Governor Gibbons a mess without warning him and the tax payers of Nevada.

  8. Todd and Rita Says:

    I don’t who stated they where holding hands in the pic at IHOP, unless he has really long and invisible arms and hands, his right arm and hand in not in the pic or under the table as you can visable see and his left hand is visable next to his face,Leslie’s arms are folded in front of her and once again you can see NO HAND HOLDING…
    We are close personal friends of Leslie and her husband and she is very happily married.
    So you need to get your eyes checked and stop writing nonsense!

  9. Volkmar Says:

    Todd and Rita, just because you are close friends with Leslie (which you can’t prove, your probably Gibbons himself) doesn’t mean you know what is going on in the bedroom of her home or Gibbons, uhhhh cheap motels?

  10. Nevada's Future Says:

    I am a life-long citizen of the State of Nevada, but currently reside in Baltimore, Maryland, while completing my Law Degree at the University of Maryland. I am also the President of the Law Democrats here.

    Jim Gibbons is a horrible Governor for a whole host of reasons. Aside from his extra-marital affairs and leaving a black mark on the highest office in our state, the man simply lacks personal integrity. First, for someone so adamant about the sanctity of marriage, he certainly doesn’t respect the institution in his personal life. With 2 divorces and allegations of marital infidelity his supposed claim for moral integrity is laughable at best. Simply put, Jim Gibbons is a Charlatan when it comes to issues of morality and decency.

    However, by discussing is personal life I think we miss point. Although, to be sure, strong moral fiber and personal integrity are two of the most important qualities we should look for in our leaders.

    What is truly disturbing about Gibbon’s tenure as Governor is the budget cuts he has called for regarding state agencies. Nevada is one of the three worst states when it comes to education, but the Governor wants to cut the State Budget by 8%. We don’t have enough teachers in the classrooms, books on the shelves, or other essential 21st century tools that students need to be successful in an ever increasing globalized economy, and he wants to take even more away from Nevada’s Children. Now look, I am no proponent of just throwing money at a problem to find a solution, but to be sure money is some what essential when you are talking creating and maintaining a competitive edge in education.

    Let us not forget the critical notion that the single most important job of State Government is the Public Education System. It is how we prepare are youth for the future and ensure the continuing competitiveness and prosperity of our citizenry for generations to come. Former Governor Kenny Guinn recognized this simple concept and did incredible work on behalf of the State of Nevada. He made it possible for aspiring lawyers like me to even go to college. His fiscal discipline, maintenance of State budget, and investment in education is hallmark not easily replicated. Yet, we should also expect from our aspiring leaders not to destroy the work of those who came before them.

    There is a reason why Governor Guinn refused to attend Governor Gibbons swearing in ceremony. There is a reason why someone with as high honor, integrity, and respect for the institution of Governor of the State of Nevada disassociates himself with the likes of charlatans like Jim Gibbons.

    While I have a political ideology that I believe in, my first and foremost concern is with the people of the great state of Nevada. That is why, I have no difficulty in praising the tireless efforts and work of Governor Guinn in making Nevada a better State. For this same reason, I have absolutely no problem in admonishing Jim Gibbons for his dedicated reliance on a failed ideological platform that is driving our great state off of a cliff.

    I understand and can respect, while disagreeing with, the Republican philosophy of less taxes and less government oversight/regulation in the capital markets. However, what I can’t respect is irresponsible governance. And attempting to slash k-12 Public Education, Welfare, and other socially needed programs by 10% is irresponsible at best. To be sure, Jim Gibbons’ budget cuts should be called exactly what they are – Class Warfare. While that term generally resonates with political pundits like Sean Hannity as being a guise for higher taxes on the rich and inherently unfair. Let us not forget, that the sword cuts both ways.

    Less taxes and less spending on social programs disproportionately affects the under privileged lower-class. For many people social programs are the lifeline keeping them afloat by allowing them to stay in government assisted housing, allowing them to eat, keep the heat on, or provide the basic necessities needed to sustain life.

    While I am a proponent of empowering people and giving them the tools they need to help themselves, I certainly can not turn a blind eye to the problem at hand. And that is people need are help, whether our fault or not, it is the quintessential of any civilized society to sustain a basic standard of living for the less fortunate. This is why I am adamantly opposed to Jim Gibbons call for budget cuts.

    My other criticisms include: His reversal on the Nuclear Repository at Yucca Mountain – at the very least I thought we as Nevadans were united on this issue (then again, Jim Gibbons is out of touch with ordinary Nevadans so I wouldn’t expect him to know how we feel); His lack of action on the fledgling Nevada Economy – I understand that the global recession is largely responsible for the decrease in tourism to our state, however, there are steps to be taken to help boost our economy. For instance, State investment in more Green Jobs through out the State. We have an unprecedented abundance of sunshine for the majority of our year, we should be looking to renewable energies like wind and solar to spur job creation. Not to mention, we have a vast amount of unused desert that would be especially proper for such an endeavor. Not only would such a venture be good for the economy, but it would also be good for the environment.

    There are many things about Jim Gibbons that I take issue with, and many failure that would continue detrimental to our State if he was elected to a Second Term. I for one, would appreciate a Governor who spends at least 5 days a week in the office doing work for the people – thats just me. Given the state of our economy, our Governor should be resigned to working 6, 10 hour days, like I would expect my elected officials to be doing during a time of unprecedented crisis.

    That is why I don’t prefer Jim Gibbons, That is why Jim Gibbons is bad for Nevada, and that is why in 2010 we need to vote him out of office.

  11. Jon Says:

    Mike – congratulations for being a shoddy and LAZY alleged journalist. Leslie Durant was NEVER a PLayboy Playmate, She posed for Playboy but was NEVER a Playmate. The ONLY women who are laymates are those that appear in the middle of the issue and have a Centerfold. Just because a woman poses for Playboy doesn’t make her a Playmate. You might have known that had yo done 1 nanosecond of reserach – but since that would require solid reporting I can see why you never did that. Calling Ms Durant a Playmate is like calling John McCain a President since he ran for office. You might laugh this off – but if you want to be taken 1% serious in what you write your stuff has to be FACTUALLY correct and calling a woman who posed for PB a PM is NOT correct.

  12. Artmeat Nevada Says:

    Tom and Rita there may not be a pic of hand holding but wtf is going on in the parking lot? HER arms certainly look like they are reaching left to the “invisible”. Why does he have his arm around her waist so cuddly? If I were her husband I would be looking for some answers. Premptive excuse: She was drunk and stumbling and I was helping her to her car so she could drive home?

  13. LED Light Fanatic Says:

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