Former BYU basketball player Travis Hansen says it’s always been his dream to play in the Olympics.

Hansen may soon get a chance to make that dream come true. If he plays for Russia. Hansen spent one year of professional basketball with the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks. For the rest of his career the 30-year-old Hansen has bounced around Europe. Recently he was invited by Russia to try out for their Olympic basketball team.

Obviously, with superstars like Kobe Bryant, LeBron James and other dreamteamers representing Team USA, Hansen wasn’t going to be selected for the American Olympic squad. Instead, Hansen accepted the invitation from the Russian team to represent their country in the Olympics. Said Hansen,


“I’d love to play for Team USA but they didn’t invite me. Every athlete dreams about playing in the Olympics,” Hansen said. “The Cold War ended a long time ago, so I figured why not.”



Hansen’s case is similar to that of WNBA player Becky Hammon. Hammon, the runner-up in last year’s WNBA MVP voting, was passed over for a spot on Team USA. Instead, she’s playing for Russia in the upcoming Olympics. Hammon has received a ton of criticism for being “unpatriotic.” Originally from Rapid City, South Dakota, she grew up in America’s heartland.

U.S. Olympic coach Anne Donovan recently blasted Hammon,



“If you play in this country, live in this country and you grow up in the heartland – and you put on a Russian uniform – you are not a patriotic person.”


Hammon compounded the situation by becoming a Russian citizen. There have even been articles written which detail Hammon being called a “traitor.”

Travis Hansen hasn’t been the victim of any such difficulty. Apparently nobody knows who he is. He also still hasn’t made the final roster of the Russian squad.


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  1. bobby Says:

    this is a bullshit topic
    enough of the self-righteous nationalism already
    its basketball, not hyper global economics
    i wish some of these flag-waving jackoffs would do something useful with their pent-up frustrations…like point their indignation at the government they claim to love, for example.
    sucks to be the only one out here doing it

  2. Bunt Says:

    I eat sunchips!

  3. tiana Says:

    bobbys wrong!!!

  4. ken swanigan Says:

    I think its bad that our country want give Hansen a chance to play for his on country, just because they have players like kobe an LeBron, who are they? Hansen would do just as well as them, now you see how people or your country will do you. Thank to Russia for giving Hansen and Hammon a chance, thats all some people need is just a chance.

  5. Randy Barns Says:

    I can’t blame her. Paying on a non multicultural team would be a joy for any Midwestern person who does not want to be surrounded by savages.

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