Disgraced NBA referee Tim Donaghy was called out by prosecutors on Friday. They say Donaghy has exaggerated his claims of cooperation in a gambling investigation so that he could lessen his own prison term and avoid paying restitution.

The NBA is seeking over $1 million dollars in back compensation from Donaghy. Prosecutors also say that Donaghy was of virtually no use to them in prosecuting other members of his gambling ring. Although he did eventually roll over on his co-defendants, prosecutors say that Donaghy waited so long to do so that they already had their cases made and got convictions without his help.

Most importantly, the government is now officially on record as saying other NBA refs and league officials never fixed games. In court records filed Friday, the Feds disputed Donaghy’s claims of other internal NBA corruption. They say Donaghy’s statements “did not lead to evidence of prosecutable federal offenses.”

The government specifically rebuffed defense arguments that Donaghy should get a break on his sentence. Donaghy’s lawyers had argued he should receive leniency (or no sentence at all) for voluntarily coming forward and giving prosecutors inside dirt about alleged game-fixing and other misconduct by other referees and league officials.

The government did not believe Donaghy. Not only did they NOT ask for a lighter sentence for Donaghy, they actually suggested that he be jailed LONGER than his co-conspirators since he was the “central figure” in the gambling scandal they were involved in.

Donaghy will be sentenced July 14th. He faces up to 33 months in prison.


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